Zhenwu Pavilion in Yulin, Guangxi

Zhenwu Pavilion

Zhenwu Pavilion is located in the scenic area of Rongzhou Ancient City,Yulin City of Guangxi Province. Zhenwu Pavilion was built in the first year of the Emperor Wanli (1573) during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and has a history of more than 430 years. In 1982, it is approved by the State Council as a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level.

Why is Zhenwu Pavilion So Special?

Zhenwu Pavilion, one of most famous buildings in China.The stunning structure of the arch, the simple and elegant decoration, the buildings that have survived many earthquakes and squalls, which make it all exude the wisdom and splendor of ancient Chinese architecture. Zhenwu Pavilion is build for God Zhenwu, which is the origin of its name. In Taoism, the south is in the control of the fire god, and God Zhenwu is a water god who can protect houses from fire disasters. After attacked in the past 400 years by earthquakes and typhoons, Zhenwu Pavilion still rests in a whole skin and becomes the only ancient building in China in good repair without the aid of reconstruction.

History of Zhenwu Pavilion

According to history records in Rongxian, it survives five earthquakes and three hurricanes. When those disasters happen, all houses in this county, city wall with a thickness of about five meters fell down. In the second floors, there are four suspending huge wood columns bearing all the loads from the upper, and the bottoms of this four columns don’t touch the floor, and leaves an empty space of three centimeters, which is the dynamic mode of anti seismic design.Many building principles are applied to the construction of this pavilion, thus it is so solid that it can stay safe and sound in the past four hundred years.

Main Attractions of Zhenwu Pavilion

Zhenwu Pavilion is a completely wooden structure. Zhenwu Pavilion is built on a stone table, Jingluetai which is built in 759 to train soldiers, has three floors in a square shape wiht three layers of eaves , and has a height of 13.2 meters, a length of 13.8 meters, and a width of 11.2 meters. This old building stands on a stone stable by several wood columns. Those columns have stone seats, which are filled with river sand. The stone stable is called Jingluetai, and it has four stone walls, with river sand filled in the stone table.

How to get to Zhenwu Pavilion

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Independent Traveler

Self Driving

Starting from Yulin City, go along Yutie Expressway to Wuzhou / Guangzhou / g80 (about 13km), turn to Nanwu Expressway (about 33km), leave from Rongxian / G324 exit, cross Rongxian interchange to enter x376 and finally to the scenic spot.


Take the bus to Xiuduyuan station and walk to the scenic spot.

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