Yushe National Forest Park in Shuicheng County of Liupanshui

Yushe National Forest Park

Yushe National Forest Park, located in Shuicheng county in the west of Guizhou province, is the subrange of Wumeng mountain and lies in the upper reaches of Pearl river, with a total area of 50314 acreages; the park is full of gullies and steepy, precipitous ranges, with the highest location rising 2503m from sea level, which proves it the highest national park in Guizhou currently and the lowest location rising 1700m from sea level; relative difference in height is 803m. The forest park is 24km from downtown of Liupanshui and is conveniently located, which is accessible by Shuibai railway and Liangshui highway.

Introduction of Yushe National Forest Park

Abundant in Animals and Plants

The park is abundant in animals and plants, with more than 1000 kinds of plants among which are more than ten plants under first-class state protection as davidia involucrate baill, taxus cuspidata in southern China, manglietia insignis, Xikang yulania, tetracentron and Chinese dipentodon; there are also national protective animals like roebuck, muntjac, golden pheasant, Chinese copper pheasant, Indian lesser civet etc. A 2.5km long post road dating back to the beginning of Ming Dynasty is kept till today and tourists are attracted by other features like the movie palace named “Yelang palace”, mysterious cultures of Yelang and numerous legendary tales. Tourists can also appreciate fire brand specific to Yi nationality and comprehend local custom with rich flavor.

Four seasons

Landscape here differs for different seasons. A sea of rhododendron blossom covers the mountain like a carpet in spring; the soughing of the wind in the pines, murmuring stream and sea of clouds will surely take tourists’ breath away in summer; red leaves as bright as enflaming fire in autumn are undoubtedly gorgeous; seasonable snow falling mixedly in winter and everything covered by snow with a month long snow accumulation give tourists a good opportunity to enjoy landscape in winter.

Advantage of snowfield

  • Ecological beauty
    Yushe Snow Mountain Skiing Ground is located in Yushe National Forest Park. It has 53454 mu of forest with more than 60,000 negative oxygen ions per square centimeter. Under the blue sky and white clouds, in the green mountains and waters, beside the trees and grass, in the vast sea of clouds, skiers can fly freely here. Mianlin sea, hundred miles of fog, the spectacular scenery of the North let people linger and forget to return.
  • Experienced
    Yushe Snow Mountain Skiing Ground was built in 2009. After years of exploration and summary, a number of ski-making teams with excellent professional skills and solid business were trained, and the precedent of snow-making in high-temperature and wetland areas in the South was explored, which provided strong support for ensuring the scheduled operation of the snowfield every year.
  • Broad market
    Skiing resort is a new tourism industry in southern China, with a small number. Faced with Guizhou, Guangdong, Yunnan, Southeast Asia and other markets, it serves more than 100 million people and has great potential for market development.
  • Improvement of supporting service facilities
    After the construction in recent years, the tourism infrastructure of parks and Haiping Yi towns has been further improved, and the reception capacity has been further enhanced, providing a strong guarantee for the reception service of the snow resort.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Spring Festival self-driving tour, online tickets booked in advance, on-site ticket collection is very convenient;
  • Parking: the tourist center has a parking lot, but need 10 yuan, can also open to the Ski Park parking lot, need to pay 20 yuan per person ticket, now enjoy a discount of 40 yuan per person than the ferry;
  • Food: there are many businesses near the ski resort, can eat, snacks, barbecues, etc.
  • Skiing Tour: Because it’s the first time to ski, full of freshness, complete equipment and high safety, there are many coaches in the field, but the coaches need to spend 240 yuan, because of the skills of roller skating, so they quickly grasp the essentials, no coaches; Skiing ground is relatively large, divided into primary, intermediate and advanced, because it is the first time, so they dare not try advanced skiing track. However, the experience is still very good, very interesting, next time will come again, will also recommend friends to come;
  • Costs: tickets include skiing equipment and 3 hours, unlimited access to the ski resort halfway, more than 15 minutes at 60 yuan per hour, coach fees 240 yuan, personal feeling skiing for 3 hours is enough, quite tired;
  • Overall evaluation: the overall feeling is very good, but also. Experience it again. Ps: It’s foggy on the day of play, but it doesn’t affect skiing at all.

How to Get There


  • Guiyang direction
    Guiyang——Shanghai-Kunming——Anshun——Liuliu Expressway、HANGRUIExpressway—Liupanshui City——Ruojiao Expressway-Yushe Forest Park (Skiing Ground)
  • Direction of Kunming and Qujing in Yunnan
    KUNGMING——HUKUN Expressway——QUJING——HUKUN Expressway——PANZHOU——SHUIPAN Expressway——Ruojiao Expressway-Yushe Forest Park (Skiing Ground)

By Train

  • Guizhou-Guangzhou High-speed Railway
    Tourists from Guinan, southeastern Guizhou, Liuzhou, Guilin, Hezhou, Zhaoqing, Foshan and Guangzhou along the Guizhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway can take the high-speed rail to Guiyang and then transfer to Liupanshui Railway Station.
  • Kunming Direction
    Tourists in Kunming can take the train to Liupanshui Station.
  • Lukun High-speed Railway
    Tourists from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, and Guiyang along the Lukun High-speed Railway can take the high-speed rail to Guiyang and then transfer to Liupanshui Railway Station.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐