Wumeng Mountain National Geopark in Liupanshui

Wumeng Mountain National Geopark

Located in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, Wumengshan National Geological Park is in a subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangxi where minorities live. The geological resort mainly includes two parks, Beipanjiang Grand Canyon and Biyun Karst Cave Group, and tourist attractions such as Jinpen Natural Bridge, Triassic Paleontological Fossils and the Archaeological Site of the Grand Cave in Pan County.

Introduction of Wumeng Mountain National Geopark

Wumengshan National Geological Park is divided into two major parks, namely Beipanjiang Gorge Park and Biyundong Cave Group Park.

  • Beipanjiang Gorge Park 
    It has Shuicheng Fenglin Scenic Area, Yushe National Forest Park, Beipanjiang Gorge Scenic Area, Yezhong Black Lang Monkey Nature Reserve, Ear Rotating Structure Platform Scenic Area, and Slope Upland (basalt Fangshan Terrace) Scenic Area, The Liuchehe Canyon Scenic Area and the Gesuo River Canyon Scenic Area are dominated by the majestic canyon scenery of the Panjiang Karst Grand Canyon in the north.
  • Biyun Cave Group Park
    It has Danxia Mountain Scenic Area, Biyundong Scenic Area and Panxian Ancient City Scenic Area, featuring the strange cave resources of Panxian and the scenery of karst mountains.The Wumengshan National Geological Park is home to many ethnic minorities such as Miao, Buyi and Yi, with rich ethnic customs and rich national culture.

How to Get There

  • The scenic spot is 1.9km away from Liupanshui railway station.
  • The scenic spot is 2km away from the parking lot of Liupanshui railway station.
  • The scenic spot is 3km away from Shuicheng railway station.

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