Xiaotangshan Hot Spring in Beijing

Why is the Xiaotangshan Hot Spring in Beijing so Special?

Xiaotangshan has a long history of geothermal hot spring. The use of hot spring water can be traced back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties period of China, dating back over 1,500 years ago. The Xiaotangshan hot springs have records of early emperors using the springs for medical baths. The Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty built the Xiaotangshan imperial palace and inscribed “Jiuhuaxixiu”. The hot spring water contains minerals and trace elements such as strontium, lithium, selenium, and other silicic acid mineral elements.

Where is the Xiaotangshan Hot Spring in Beijing?

Xiaotangshan hot spring is located in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing.

How to Get There

To Xiaotangshan Longmai Hot Spring Village

  • Take bus no.984, and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.
  • Take Subway Changping Line, and get off at Nanshao Station. Then, take bus Chang 51 and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.

To Jiuhua Spa and Resort

  • Take bus no.984, and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.
  • Take subway Changping line, and get off at Nanshao Station. Then, take bus Chang 51 and get off at Jiuhua Spa and Resort.

Xiaotangshan Longmai Hot Spring Village

It is halfway to the Mutianyu’s Great Wall section, so it is a good place for sightseeing and hiking. The hotel provides an open-air hot spring pool, surrounded by green hedges, quiet, private hot spring room for family use. There are a large indoor swimming pool and luxurious hot spring suite, imitating the ancient architectural style. You can find over 30 outdoor hot springs with different medicinal benefits, hidden in the forest and bamboo grove, like herbal hot springs, salt-bath hot springs, and tea-bath hot springs.

Jiuhua Spa and Resort

Jiuhua hot spring resort is a resort in Xiaotangshan hot spring group. This hot spring flows through each guest room and originates in the southwest of the outdoor hot spring area. There are various interesting attractions in the village, such as hot spring theme park and hot spring swimming pool. In addition, you can enjoy various saunas and sports in different sports halls.
Hot spring theme park includes outdoor and indoor areas. The outdoor area has a central hot spring swimming pool and some other special hot springs.
You can also visit some interesting attractions, such as Mermaid birth Park, thundering waterfall, mermaid weight loss spring. There are mud moxibustion combined with different natural herbs to relieve the pain of rheumatism, muscle ache and other diseases. Turkish fish pedicure can relax and clean your body. Children’s water playground and castle on the first floor provide children with Trojans, swings, swivels, water skis and mushroom waterfalls.
In addition, you can enjoy all kinds of saunas outdoors and in Lekang palace. On the fourth floor, you can enjoy an easy massage. There are also some sports facilities, such as bowling, table tennis and billiards. You can play chess or exercise in the gym.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Ticket Price:
    Longmai Hot Spring Village:
    CNY 168, includes one entry to Indoor Hot Spring Swimming Pool, Outdoor Hot Spring and Karst Cave Hot Spring, and one meal.
    Jiuhua Spa and Resort:
    CNY 188, includes the entrance ticket and scrubbing.
    CNY 198, includes the entrance ticket and foot massage.
    CNY 190, includes the entrance ticket and mud moxibustion.
    CNY 58 for Turkish fish.
    CNY 88 for mud moxibustion. 

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