Western Hills Forest Park in Beijing

Why is Western Hills Forest Park in Beijing so Special?

Western Hills Forest Park is the closest Forest Park to Beijing. It is an ideal place for climbing mountains, overlooking the city, enjoying peach blossom and red leaves. Small Western Hills is a branch of Taihang Mountain, with a forest coverage rate of 98%. Walking into the park, you can see green trees everywhere. There are 4600 camphor pine trees and more than 1000 old pine trees, some of which are over 100 years old, making the park a good place to breathe fresh air and relax.

Where is Western Hills Forest Park in Beijing?

Western Hills Forest Park is located in the Small Western Hill of the western suburbs of Beijing and stretches across Haidian, Shijingshan, Mentougou Districts.

How to Get There?

  • Take bus 505, 318, 360 Express, 714, 698, 360, Yuntong 112, or 630, and get off at Nanhetan Station and then walk 200 meters (220 yards) toward the west.

Main Attractions

Cultural Tablet Forest

The Cultural Tablet Forest is located in the Baiwangshan scenic area. In the garden, there are Chairman Mao Zedong’s “greening the motherland” stele Pavilion, stele Gallery, stele hall and other buildings. The old generation of revolutionaries, well-known social figures, calligraphers, people in the field of literature, art, science and education, about afforestation and greening, improving the natural environment, and more than 500 poems, words, books, paintings and inscriptions on trees, flowers and forest laws, which are simple, elegant and solemn.

Manchu Eight Banners Residence

In the Qing Dynasty, the area around Small Western Hill was called “Eight Courtyard of Western” and “Three Mountains and Five Gardens”. It was the residence of Eight Banner soldiers of Manchu nationality, and there were still villages such as Zhen Huang banner, Zhenglan Banner and watchtowers. The distribution of historical sites in the Small Western Hill area constitutes a unique geographical and cultural landscape. There are famous historical sites such as Xiangshan, Wofo temple, Badachu, Fuhui temple, Fahai Temple, underground storage hall, Yuyue cave, Jingfu temple, Wuliang hall, etc. in the scenic area, there are tombs of famous people such as Ma Lianliang, Yan Shaopeng, Liu Bannong, Liu Tianhua, Tong linge, Mei Lanfang, etc. and Heisenhu Battle Memorial Tablet, etc.


Mountaineering and Overlooking the Whole City

Western Hills Forest Park, as a popular mountaineering place, has developed several different pedestrian paths for people with different needs. Tourists can choose the road they like. It takes about an hour and a half to climb up and down the mountain from a flat road to the top of the mountain. It takes three to four hours to climb up from the longest road to the top of the mountain. When you reach the peak, you can see a 180-degree view of the city. The night view of the whole city is particularly shocking.

Viewing Peach Blossoms in Spring

In the early spring, all living things come back to life. The hill is surrounded by trees, with dazzling white and pink flowers in the pines and cypresses. Peaches and apricots bloom in a row over the valley for about 20 days, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Enjoying Red Leaves in Autumn

Red Leaf Ridge may be the best place to see red leaves. The mangroves in Xiaoxi mountain cover more than 600 hectares. In addition, the red leaves are not only bright in color, but also various in variety, including yellow croaker, gold ingot, torch tree and oak tree in late autumn. You will be comforted to see the red leaves twinkling in the breeze.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: CNY 10; Free for children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet).
  • Opening Hours: March to October: 07:00 – 18:00; November to February: 08:00 – 17:00
  • There are no shops or stalls along the way when climbing West Hills, so be sure to bring enough drinks and food.

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