Yanqi Lake in Beijing

Why is the Yanqi Lake in Beijing so Special?

Yanqi Lake is named for the group of wild geese that come to the lake to perch in spring and autumn every year. Open to the public since 1987, this lake features wonderful natural waterscape and colorful aquatic amusement facilities. It is gaining popularity among locals and tourists.

Where is the Yanqi Lake in Beijing?

Yanqi Lake is located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, 8 kilometers north of Huairou City, a suburb of Beijing, 60 kilometers away from the downtown of Beijing.

How to Get There

  • From Dongzhimen, take Bus 866/ 916/ 916 Express and transfer to Bus H58 at Miaocheng Dong. After that, get off at Yanqihu (Yanqi Lake).
  • From Wangjing West Station of Subway Line 13/ Line 15, take Bus 970/987 and transfer to Bus H58 at Miaocheng Dong. After that, get off at Yanqihu.

Main Attractions

The scenic area is mainly divided into several parts: the first is the core area, namely Yanqi Island Conference Center and Xiayuan, Yanqi Island hotels and villas; the second is Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center and Beijing sunrise Oriental Kempinski Hotel; the third is the natural landscape belt on the lake; the fourth is various play areas; the fifth is the lake area style street and nearby towns.

Yanqi Island

Yanqi Island is the core area and one of the international capital areas of Yanqi Lake. The main buildings include Yanqi Lake International Conference Center and a number of villas for the meeting leaders to stay and rest. Yanqi Lake International Conference Center serves for large-scale conferences. With a total construction area of 42000 square meters and more than 20 conference rooms and restaurants, it can meet the needs of nearly 1000 people to hold meetings and have meals at the same time. The internal layout of the conference center is H-shaped. The functional core area is composed of the banquet hall on the first floor – “Hongyan hall” and the conference hall on the second floor – “Jixian hall”. On both sides are the VIP Hall, rest area, large and small conference rooms, private rooms and other functional spaces. The south side of the banquet hall is provided with an outdoor banquet lawn, which can hold outdoor wine parties and other activities.

Yanqi Lake Amusement Park

There are more than 40 kinds of water and land projects available for tourists of different ages. Among them, water parasols, water sports cars, water self-propelled motorcycles, water flying, water curtain movies, rocket bungee jumping, flying people in the air, torrent bravery, rock climbing, archery, pool and other fitness and entertainment projects are deeply loved by the majority of tourists. Tourists can take a boat tour of the lake, cross the lake for kilometers, or chop waves to enjoy the fun of fighting against the wind and waves. Visitors can also visit the Wanghu Pavilion, enjoy the scenery of the lake and mountains, enjoy the pleasure of returning to nature, and in the evening, you can bargain or play more. When night falls and the cool breeze is blowing by the lake, visitors can enjoy the novel and wonderful water curtain movies and colorful voice-controlled fountains in the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, or sing and dance in the open-air square, which makes people daydream and forget to return. Yanqi Lake amusement park is an ideal place for leisure, vacation, tourism and entertainment.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Opening Time: 08:00-17:30
  • Admission Fee: CNY 45/ Person
  • The tickets for entertainment facilities
    Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare Items Ticket Fare
    Sightseeing By Boat CNY80/Person Sky Adventures CNY40/Person Battery Boat for Six People CNY120/Hour
    Bumper Car CNY25/Person 9D Cinema CNY40/Person Rubber Duck Battery Boat CNY150/Hour
    Sliding Sown the Lake CNY50/Person Surfing CNY30/Person Classic Boat for Six People CNY160/Hour
    Sky Ring Car CNY35/Person Speedboat CNY50/Person Excavator CNY15/Person
    Corsair CNY35/Person Self-drive Speedboat CNY180/Lap Merry Go Round CNY15/Person
    Forge ahead against  swift current CNY45/Person Peddle Boat for Four People CNY80/Hour Walleye Fish Plane CNY15/Person
    Sports Car Entertainment CNY30/ Two Laps Peddle Boat for Five People CNY100/Hour Cartoon Train CNY20/Person
    Kangaroo Jump CNY20/Person Battery Boat for Four People CNY100/Hour Moving Chair CNY30/Person

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