Yunmeng Mountain in Beijing

Why is the Yunmeng Mountain in Beijing so Special?

Yunmeng Mountain, known as “little Huangshan”, is a famous scenic spot in the outskirts of Beijing. The valley is deeply cut, the peaks and rocks are various, the waterfalls and flowing springs are everywhere, the clouds and fog are unpredictable, the trees and flowers are fragrant, and the natural scenery is very beautiful.

Where is the Yunmeng Mountain in Beijing?

Yunmeng Mountain is located in Beishicheng Village, Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing.

How to Get There

  • Take 916 Express from Dongzhimen Hub Station to Yangjiayuan. And then walk east for about 10 minutes to Yujiayuan to take Bus H11. Get off at Houshanpu, which is about 3km north to the ticket office of the mountain. So you can take a taxi or walk south for about 40 minutes there.

History and Legend

Yunmeng (“Yun” means being cloudy and “meng” means being misty) was called Yunmeng (here, “Yun” has the same meaning, while “meng” means dream) in ancient time.

The legend of Yunmeng Mountain spreads among the people. In addition, there are many historical sites on the mountain, which increase the historical attribute and charm. It is said that in the Warring States period (475-221 B.C.), Guiguzi, a strategist, once taught Sun Bin and pangjuan strategies there, leaving Guiguzi mountain stronghold, sunbin Temple site and Beijing Shentan on the mountain. There are two stone mountains in the pass, one is high and the other is low. 900 meters (2950 feet) tall, it looks like an old man with his eyes closed. The other, about 500 meters (1640 feet) high, looks like a giant Buddha with a sad face. It is said that Guiguzi grew into one after death, so it is called guigufeng. Shorter is his follower Ni’er. After Guiguzi died, Nell willingly guarded him for a lifetime, and finally he became Ni’er peak.

Main Attractions in Yunmeng Mountain

Sea of Clouds

July and August are the best time to enjoy the sea of clouds. In the morning or on a rainy day, when we get to the mountainside, people will see the clouds filled the air. The fog slowly gathered in the forest, covering the low peaks and valleys. From a distance, some of the green mountains are hidden, some of them are visible in the thick fog. It’s like being in a sea of clouds. Coupled with the cold, foggy, fresh air, it’s comfortable and really enjoyable – just like tourists immersed in fairyland.

Sea of Woods

The famous “forest sea” comes from more than 90% of the vegetation in Yunmeng Mountain, with more than 150 kinds of flowers and trees. Among them, Yingbin pine, Wolong pine, Yitian pine, Yuanyang pine and bell shaped pine are the representatives. The bell shaped pine is actually two Chinese pine trees, located on the ridge between the two mountains. As the branches and trunks of the two pine trees cross and grow, their crowns overlap. From a distance, they look like the Chinese character “Zhong”.

Sea of Flowers

The best season to enjoy the “flower sea” is April to May. This is the flowering period of wild Rhododendron, mainly growing in the mountains between 600 meters (2000 feet) and 1414 meters (4640 feet) above sea level. These flowers bloom from the first day of April to the end of May. If the tourists at that time stood between the beautiful red flowers and breathed the air filled with fragrance, they would fully appreciate the charm of Yunmengshan.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: CNY 35
  • Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00 from late March to October
  • Closed in wintertime

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