Weizhou Island, Beihai, Guangxi

Where is Weizhou Island?

Weizhou Island is located in Beibu Bay, 36 nautical miles from downtown Beihai in Guangxi province. Facing the Leizhou Peninsula in the east, the southeast is adjacent to the setting sun island, south of Hainan Island across the sea, the west to Vietnam. Weizhou Island is a volcanic eruption of coagulation of islands, such as sea, the sea product and lava landscape, especially the southern part of the Marine volcano harbor has more features.

Why is Weizhou Island So Special?

Weizhou Island of Beihai is China’s youngest volcanic island, and also Guangxi Province’s largest one known as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. Vegetation cover on the island is very rich, beautiful scenery, especially the sea product of physiognomy, volcanic lava and the colorful living coral are known as the South China Sea “Penglai Island”. Weizhou Island scenery is magnificent, more famous attractions include Sanpo temple, Shengdan temple, the Catholic church and Tangxianzu viewing platform of the sea, etc. In 1994 Weizhou Island successfully applied for its own status as a individual province, and is now one of Guangxi’s most attractive tourist attractions and an important geological park of China.

How to Get to Weizhou Island?

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Independent Travel

The way to reach the island is by boat from Beihai International Passenger Port Station. The boat to the island departs at 08:30, 11:30 and 15:45 and returns at 10:00, 14:30, and 17:00. The schedule may change in peak seasons and rough weather.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the island is April to November when Weizhou Island weather is mostly sunny and it is warm enough to swim in the sea. July and August have the best scenery. However, it is also typhoon season so keep an eye on the weather forecast if traveling to the island at that time.

Local Specialties

This island is rich in peanuts, bananas and silk; with peanut-oil produced on the island being particularly well regarded on the mainland and often is sold to major markets in Hong-Kong and South-east Asia. Abalone, eel and sea cucumber are available in abundance.

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