Xiasi Scenic Area in Kaili, Qiandongnan

Xiasi Scenic Area

With Qingshui River as the link, Xiasi scenic spot integrates natural scenery, history and culture as well as national customs, with 52 sceneries.

Where is Xiasi Scenic Area?

Xiasi scenic spot is located in Xiasi Town, Qingshui River, Kaili Economic Development Zone, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China.

Why is Xiasi Scenic Area So Special?

The superior location, beautiful natural scenery, splendid history and culture, and rich and simple national customs of Xiasi scenic area provide good conditions for the development of tourism.

History of Xiasi Scenic Area

In the 13th year of Jiaqing (1808 A.D.), Majiang Xiasi was turned into a commercial port and developed into a downtown city in the Republic of China with water and land terminals. It is an important material distribution center in Southeast Guizhou. At present, the main street on both sides of the Taiwan Strait still retains the 30 meter stone class wharf and small wharf built in 1779 (the forty fourth year of Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty) in a fan-shaped way, as well as the ancient temples, ruins of ancient temples, ancient residents and ancient roadways such as Yuwang palace and Guanyin Pavilion.

Ethnic Customs

In Tonggu village, more than 120 farmers are engaged in modern folk painting. Hundreds of works have been exhibited and won prizes at home and abroad. Some of them have been sent to museums for collection. Therefore, Majiang county has been named “modern folk painting town of China” by the Ministry of culture. The Miao people in Baiyang village are mysterious, simple and primitive, attracting tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to visit. The Yao people’s singing and dancing and batik in Heba are highly appreciated and favored by tourists.

How to Get to Xiasi Scenic Area?

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Independent Travel

Tourists can take bus No.1 or No.9 from Kaili railway station to Grand Cross, and then take bus No.2 to the second shopping mall, and then you can see the bus to Xiasi. Take the shuttle bus to the scenic spot.

Useful Travel Tips


Majiang Xiasi scenic area is a subtropical humid climate area in Central Guizhou, with an annual average temperature of 16.3 ℃, no severe cold in winter, not very hot in summer, and can be visited in all seasons.

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