Kaili Festivals and Events

Kaili is inhabited by Miao, Han, Dong, Mulao, She, Buyi, Shui, Yi, Zhuang, Yao, Man, Hui, Mongol, Jingpo, Wa, Li, Dongxiang, Naxi, Gelao, Jing(京族), Chaoxian(Korean), Tujia, Bai, Dai, Zang, Lahu, Uygur and other ethnic groups, as well as Gejia(革家), Xijia(西家) and other pending minorities(待定民族). It is known as "The City of Festivlas". Every year, there are more than a hundred ethnic traditional festivals in Kaili. Kaili is one of the perfect places for you to join the various ethnic festivals in Guizhou. 

Well-known Festivals in Kaili

1. International Lusheng Festival(国际芦笙节)

Ethnic minorities in Kaili are good at singing and dancing, represented by the Lusheng performance. The government and folk jointly hold the International Lusheng Festival every year. Many tourists from home and abroad go to see the Guizhou ethnic style embodied in Lusheng Festival, making it an annual grand event. Two representative places of celebrating Lusheng Festival are Zhouxi Town in Qiandongnan(mainly in March) and Huangping County(Around November).

6 Days Autumn Lusheng Festival Tour in Guizhou

2. Miao's Sister's Meal Festival

In China, Sisters' Meal Festival is an important festival for the Miao people. It's a celebration of love and spring. It is considered as the oldest "Valentine's Day" in China. It kicks off on the 15th day of the lunar 3rd month and lasts for 3 days(April 19-21, 2019). Sister's Meal Festival is mainly celebrated by Miao people in Qiandongnan, especially in Taijiang county and Jianhe County.

5 Days Guizhou Miao Sisters’ Meal Festival Tour

3. Miao's New Year Festival

Miao's New Year Festival is the biggest and most important festival of the Miao people that is equal to the Spring Festival of Han people. The Miao's New year is celebrated at different times of the year in different regions, usually from September to November in the Chinese lunar calendar(after rice harvest). Most Miao people celebrate in the 10th month in the lunar calendar, and lasts for 5-15 days, of which the first three days are the best time to attend the festival. 

5 Days Miao’s New Year Festival Tour in Guizhou

Activities in Kaili

1. Sparkler-grabbing(抢花炮)

Sparkler-grabbing, a traditional sports event widely carried out by Zhuang and Dong minorities, is popular in Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi. Every year, during Spring Festival or other major festivals, Dong people from Liping County, Congjiang County and other places wear festive dress, according to traditional habits, have a sparkler-grabbing competition among villages. Sparkler-grabbing have strong antagonism and fast attack and defense conversion, it requires both personal breakthrough and the overall cooperation. As a result, it is known as "Oriental Rugby".

2. Bullfighting, Birdfighting and Cockfighting(斗牛斗鸟斗鸡)

Bullfighting, bird fighting and cockfighting prevailed among the Miao and Dong people in Qiandongnan(Southeast Guizhou) have a long history and broad and deep social foundation, forming a unique charm of Oriental pet fighting culture. Kaili is the center of China's pet fighting culture. At the opening ceremony, the audiences are able to enjoy the simplicity and mystery of traditional culture, as well as modern pop culture. There are not only singing and dancing and costume performances with strong ethnic and regional characteristics, but also the wonderful performances of contemporary singers, as well as acrobatic performance. 

3. Tour of LeiGong Mountain International 100 km Ultra Trail Challenge in Guizhou(贵州雷公山挑战赛)

Guizhou Tour of LeiGong Mountain International 100 km Ultra Trail Challenge is held in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, which is known as "The Province of Parks(公园之省)", "The City of Festivals", "The Last Home of Weary Human Soul". With a total length of more than 100 kilometers, the race is divided into "three days, three places and three segments". It is the only multi-location, multi-stage, three-day super-long-distance international challenge in China. The competition set up "daily competition schedule" and "general competition schedule" two kinds of competition reward scheme. Every year in the early November, the competition is held in Kaili City, Leishan County and Zhenyuan Ancient Town of Qiandongnan, Guizhou Province. 

4. Sunday Market

Kaili Sunday market is a great place for a glimpse of the local minorities lifestyle. The Kaili Sunday market is a local market mainly for local people. There, people buy and sell vegetables, meat, clothes, daily necessities, and even cattle. Every Sunday, people in Kaili and the nearby villages gather at Kaili Old Street in the early morning with the goods they want to sell, and buy the daily use they need. Although there are many modern streets and buildings in Kaili, none of them have the same local lifestyle and friendly atmosphere as Kaili Old Street. The market customs there has lasted for several decades, it is the practice of the local people, but for tourists, it is a unique experience.

At the Sunday Market, you can not only experience the ethnic customs of Miao and Dong people, see the skillful local handicraftsmen and taste delicious Kaili snacks, but also pay a visit to Xijiang Miao Village, the largest Miao village in China. 

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