Kaili Attractions

Kaili is a typical ethnic ecotourism area. Here, you can visit the largest Miao and Dong villages like Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Langde Miao Village, Nanhua Miao Village and Jidao Miao Village, enjoy local song and dance performances like Lusheng Dance, participate in celebrations or festivals including Lusheng Festival and Sister's Meal Festival, and even experience the local handicrafts like embroidery and batik. Surely, as a tourist destination, the city also boasts natural landscapes, karst landforms and ancient buildings. Except for minority villages, natural landscapes around Kaili are also worth a visit. Attractions in and around Kaili include Kaili Wind and Rain Bridge, Xiasi Scenic Area(下司风景区), Leigongshan Nature Reserve in Leishan County, Wuyang River Scenic Area, Yudong Karst Cave, Dage Park(大阁公园), Flying Clouds Cliff, Zhenyuan Ancient Town, etc. If you would like to know more about the local ethnic minorities, Kaili Ethnic Museum will be a good choice.