Kaili Climate

Kaili enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with the features of cold and rainy winter and cool summer, as well as rain and heat during the same period. 

Temperature and Precipitation

Kaili has mild climate, pleasant seasons, with an annual temperature of around 16°C on average. The coldest month(Jan.) has an average temperature of about 5°C and average minimum temperature is also about 2°C, so it is not too cold; The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of about 26°C and an average maximum temperature of about 30°C, thus it is not too hot. Rainfall is abundant, with an average annual rainfall of more than 1200 mm, 70% of which is concentrated on April to August. The average annual sunshine is 1289 hours with a frost-free period of 280 days. The precipitation is higher in the northwest and southeast and less in the north. Weather disasters include summer drought, spring drought, rainstorm, hail, late spring coldness, snow and ice storms and so on.

Tips for Kaili Weather

1. Best Time to Visit Kaili

Kaili belongs to subtropical temperate humid climate zone, with the hottest month in July and the coldest in January. Kaili has mild climate, pleasant seasons, abundant rainfall and thick vegetation, with an annual average temperature of about 16°C. Guizhou has long been known as "There never were three sunny days in a row", which is particularly evident in Kaili in southeastern Guizhou. Half of a year is the rainy season, if you plan to travel in Kaili, especially in April to August, remember to bring rain gear. It usually rains in most of the days at the turn of spring and summer. Tourists can participate in outdoor activities in a summer tour such as rafting and Kaili is a summer resort for travelers. In comparison, winter is cold, rainy and often foggy. Travel in autumn and winter needs to pay attention to keeping warm and defending cold.

The best travel time is from June to September. As this time is summer, it is a good time to escape the heat, and the scenery is also very beautiful. But, if you want to experience ethnic culture more, ethnic festivals in Kaili mainly focus on Spring and Autumn. Therefore, in spring and autumn, you can enjoy a lot of grand celebrations. Summer and winter are the good time to join their local daily life and enjoy the natural landscape around the villages.

2. Try to Avoid Peak Holidays

Try to avoid the Chinese peak holidays when planning your Kaili tour. Popular with Chinese travelers, scenic spots in Kaili become much more crowded during peak holidays. The most crowded holidays are Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.), International Labor Day(May 1-3) and National Day(Golden week, Oct. 1-7). 

3. Clothing and Sunscreen

Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary for the high altitude in this region and strong ultraviolet ray. If you plan to mountain area, hiking shoes or mountaineering shoes are also a good choice. In addition, mountain area is cold in the early morning and at night, bring a warm coat with you. Continuous rain, low-temperature snow coagulation and frosty weather often occur in winter. In General, in Guizhou, you can wear T-shirt in the summer time, and you should put on thick coat and sweater in winter.