Kaili Dining

Spicy and sour is a typical feature of Guizhou cuisine in southeastern Guizhou, including Kaili, Congjiang and so on. Historically, southeastern Guizhou had a severe salt shortage and food needs seasoning with spicy and sour. At the same time, wet weather in Guizhou also often causes diarrhea, dysentery and other diseases. Sour and spicy foods can increase appetite and help for digestion and diarrhoea. As a result, the local people have created a unique production processing of spicy and sour food, and these delicious dishes have been accepted and welcomed by more and more people.

What to Eat in Kaili

1. Sour Soup Fish

Sour Soup Fish is a famous Guizhou cuisine. This dish is sour, spicy and appetizing. Add pepper, local specialties and much local nutritive Chinese herbal medicine, use tomato to make it sour, and then put the clean fish into the pot to boil it. You will get a little plate with kinds of delicious sauce including soy sauce, ginger, pepper, sesame seed oil, preserved bean curd, red pepper oil. With bright golden color, this dish tastes mellow, a little hot and sweet with a unique fragrance. Besides sour soup fish, there are also sour soup chicken and sour soup vegetables

2. Miao King Fish(苗王鱼)

Guizhou is famous for its a great number of Miao villages, especially in Kaili. Because there are many Miao people, naturally, Miao cuisine is also most extensive in Guizhou. Legend has it that in ancient times, a famous tribal leader of the Miao people was particularly fond of this delicacy, so people called it the Miao King Fish. To put it simply, Miao King Fish a stewed fish dish, topped with fried green and red pepper.

3. Sour Bamboo Shoot Chicken

The dish is used common chicken fried with special made pickled local bamboo shoots. The most important material of Sour Bamboo Shoot Chicken is the Sour Bamboo Shoot,  which is made according to the unique production processing by Miao people.

4. Pickles

Wash and dry the vegetables, chop finely, and mix well with glutinous rice and a small amount of salt; Then put it in the jar and put the lid on. After several months, the pickle is done. It can be cooked with snails, fish and meat, etc., fresh and tasty. 

Where to Eat in Kaili

1. Qingping Road(清平路) 

Tourists can enjoy the snack in Qingpin Road where is the famous snack and restaurant street in Kaili.

2. Niuchangba Snack Street(牛场坝小吃街)

Niuchangba Snack Street is a specialty business street, located at Shaoshan South Road of Kaili City. Tourists can find various kinds of local snacks there. 

3. Power Plant Evening Market

The Power Plant Evening Market is the rear street of the former Electric Power Supply Bureau of Kaili, serving a variety of snacks, such as barbecues, sour soup bean jelly, green onion rice, etc.

4. Lianghuanzhai Sour Soup Fish(亮欢寨酸汤鱼)
Address: No.98, Huancheng West Road, Chengxi Subdistrict, Kaili, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市城西街道环城西路98号
Tel: 0855-8601020/0855-8603156

5. Tong Zhai Lou(侗寨楼)
Address: Ethnic Trade Street, Yingbin Avenue, Kaili City, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市迎宾大道民族商贸街
Tel: 0855-8365788

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