Wannian Temple in Emeishan

Wannian Temple (simplified Chinese: 万年寺; traditional Chinese: 萬年寺; pinyin: Wànnián Sì; literally: ‘Ten Thousand Year Temple’) is a Buddhist temple located at the foot of Camel Mountain Range of Mount Emei, in Emeishan City, Sichuan, China.[1]It is one of the six earliest Buddhist temples on Mount Emei. The temple is situated at the foot of Camel Mountain Range, facing the Daping Temple (大坪寺; ‘Flat Ground Temple’), Niuxin Temple (牛心寺; ‘Cattle Heart Temple’), Shisun Summit (石笋峰; ‘Stalagmite Summit’) and Bomeng Summit (钵孟峰) in the front. Wannian Temple is known not only for the bronze statue of Samantabhadra, but also for the Beamless Brick Hall.