Underwater World, Beihai

Underwater World

Beihai Underwater World is a large comprehensive aquarium, which is located in Beihai Beach Park. The marine benthos here mainly from South Sea of China, such as beautiful tropical fishes which live in corals, marine plants in China South Sea, dugong, tachypleus tridentatus, entemnotrochus rumphii, manta ray, shark and over 300 years old green turtle, etc.

The Beihai Underwater World is composed of Museums A and B. As the original Beihai Aquarium, the Museum A is one of the oldest aquariums in China.The Museum B is Sea Creature Zone.

Main Attractions of Underwater World

Coral Ecological Area is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition container of living coral in the world. This cylindrical container is 28 meters long and 3 meters high. It displays 2,600 live corals of 156 kinds, and 300 tropical fishes.

Underwater Lost City consists of three major landscapes: a group of natural sea landscapes; the second was modeled on “the Lost City” Atlantis, which sunk in the Mediterranean Sea; the third part is a set of scenes of human ravaging the sound marine environment.

Chinese Water World in Beihai Underwater World shows Chinese ancient culture of 5,000 years, for example, Chinese ancient textile, Qin Terracotta Army, Sanxingdui, Buddhist culture, astronomy, diversified weapons, as well as the world wonders.

Turtles Island models on the natural environment of subtropical island, and creates an ecological breeding environment for turtles. It is the first turtle breeding and protection base in Chinese underwater museums.

How to get to Underwater World

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Independent Traveler


  • Take bus no. 3 and get off at Haibin Park Station;
  • Take bus no.1/15 and get off at Shenzhen Road Crossing Station and walk northward along Shenzhen Road for about 540 meters to get there.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time To Visit

The annual average temperature of the North Sea is 22.4 ℃. April to November is the best time for tourism in the North Sea. During this period, the sunshine is abundant, the sea water is warm, the sea wind is slightly blowing, and the air is fresh and pleasant.

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