Silver(Yintan) Beach, Beihai

Silver Beach  

Beihai Silver Beach, 8 kilometers from downtown Beihai, stretches about 24 kilometers from east to west. The sand on the beach is the finest quartz sand, which will shine silver light under the sunlight, hence the name Silver Beach. It is regarded as the Oriental Hawaii with the fine and white sand, soft waves, clean seawater and safe environment without sharks.

Main Attractions of Silver Beach

There is a Fairy Bridge in the middle of the beach, with one end connected with the land. It is said that the bridge was originally the rainbow in the sky. Besides the bridge, there is a pavilion named Sanguan Pavilion, which is surrounded by thick pine forests. In the Beach Park, there is the musical fountain, which is the largest in Asia.

There is the largest musical sculpture fountain in Asia on the beach. The ball-shaped sculpture is 23 meters high and 20 meters in diameter. This huge stainless steel sculpture symbolizes a great pearl guarded by 7 naked girls. Consisting of 5,250 nozzles and 3,000 colorful lamps, the fountain gushes out from water pillars at different angles and directions. There are 4 fountain shows every night and every show is 15 minutes long.

Besides, there is an ecological square built not far from the beach. With unique architectural modeling, this square encompasses over 30 pavilions and houses. In this square, you can view the Coconut Grove and rare birds’ performance, Vietnam and Russia’s customs show and parasailing performances. Beihai Silver Beach Park offers a lot of unique tourism programs such as beach bathing, yachting, motor boating, go-kart alongside traditional beach pursuits such as volleyball and football.

How to get to Silver Beach

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Independent Traveler


  • Take bus no.3 /17 at Beibu Bay Square Station and get off at Silver Beach Station.
  • Take Tourism Special-Line Bus: get on at Beibu Bay Square Station and get off at Silver Beach Station.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Take the swimming wear, rings and goggles yourself. You can rent them at the rental shops on the beach but it’s quite expensive. Apply sunscreen generously when exposed to the sun.
  •  Go on shore immediately when the tide rises. Do not swim to the deep water area or the zones without lifeguards.

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