Yangmei Ancient Town, Nanning

Yangmei Ancient Town

Yangmei ancient town was founded in the Song Dynasty and flourished in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. It is famous for its ancient town, old street, clear water, golden beach, strange stones and strange trees. It is also the base for the revolutionary activities of the Xinhai revolutionaries Huang Xing and Liang lieya. There are more than 700 buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yangmei ancient town is a precious historical and cultural heritage well preserved in Nanning.

Most of the residents of Yangmei ancient town moved here from Shandong, a small part of them came from Guangdong, and settled down after business. Therefore, its residential architectural style is deeply influenced by Qilu culture. Today, Yangmei ancient town has a population of more than 5300, but it has thirty-four surnames, which reflects the characteristics of people’s mixed houses in the ancient town.

Where is Yangmei Ancient Town

Yangmei ancient town is located in the lower reaches of Zuojiang River, surrounded by the river on three sides, about 30 kilometers away from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

Self Driving
1. Turn left near Daxue road XiXiangTang primary school into Shibu road – turn left at the intersection of Shibu – Shibu Jiewei – Shibu dairy farm – laokoudu – Yangmei ancient town;

2. West of Jiangbei Avenue Shibu Jiewei laokoudu Yangmei ancient town;

3. From the west to the end of Jiangnan Avenue – turn right into Jinji road – Jiangxi town – Yangmei ancient town;

4. Ring Expressway – Gaoling interchange – Zhuangjin Avenue – turn left into Nahong Avenue – Mucun – Jiangxi town – Yangmei ancient town;

5. Ring Expressway – Gaoling interchange – Zhuangjin Avenue – Cha Road (to dawangmiao) – Nahong Avenue – Mucun – Jiangxi town – Yangmei ancient town;

6. Qingchuan Avenue-Shajing Avenue-Nali Road-Turn right into Nahong Road-Mucun-Jiangxi Town-Yangmei Ancient Town.

Useful Travel Tips


There are only two accommodation places in Yangmei. One is the Riverside Hotel on Riverside street. It costs 10 yuan per person. The hotel is in poor condition, but it has a shower and sanitation. The other is Wensheng Hotel, which is not far from the village. The conditions may be better and the price may be more expensive. Two places can provide two or thirty beds, but there are not many people who come to live.


The scenery of Zuojiang is still full of mirrors. You can take some good pictures when you travel by boat. If we use black-and-white films to shoot buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, it may have flavor.

Delicious food

Yangmei is famous for its native chicken and Zuojiang fish. Zuojiang fish tastes good. It is fresh and fierce without the smell of fresh water fish.

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