Daming Mountain, Nanning

Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain is located in the north of Nanning City, only 93 kilometers away from the city, which is a suitable distance for urban tourists to spend their weekends and leisure. There are not only Longtou mountain, the first peak in Gui Zhong, but also the typical olive River Grand Canyon landscape. There are also meadow and marine paleontology fossils, which are a combination of male, strange, beautiful and secluded.

Why is Daming Mountain so special?

Daming Mountain has a unique climate environment, high forest density, with a typical mountain forest landscape and climate. Summer waterfall, autumn cloud and winter snow have their own characteristics, especially the cool climate in summer. It is the first place to spend summer in the hot south of Guangxi, and winter snow is the southernmost snow resort in China. The biological landscape of Daming Mountain is unique. It is a huge natural animal and plant garden with great value of biological science popularization tourism. In particular, the original forest and ravine rain forest are more dangerous, magical and full of wild interest, which can be regarded as an excellent ecotourism place.

Recommended Visiting Route

Morning: Mingding villa → sun watching tour → magic tour.

Afternoon: Mingding villa → Health Tour → leisure tour.

How to Get to Daming Mountain?

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Independent Travel

 1. Take shuttle bus at Xiao Jin Shan Square (in the front of Chaoyang Square in the city center); the bus departs every day at 09:00 and rides for 3 hours, and returns in the afternoon around 15:00.

2. Take shuttle buses in front of Min Zu Department (No.75 East Renmin Road), which departs at 09:00 and 15:00 each day.

3.Take buses departing for Mashan, Dahua or Du’an at Anji Bus Station, and get off at the intersection of Daming Mountain.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

Four seasons have their own characteristics, and spring and autumn is the best.

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