Qingxiu Mountain, Nanning

 Qingxiu Mountain

The Qingxiu Mountain is situated on the bank of the Yongjiang River and about 9 kilometers away from the southeast of Nanning City, provincial capital of Guangxi. It stretches more than 4.07 square kilometers with an altitude of about 82 meters to 189 meters above sea level and consists of 18 peaks including Qingshan Peak and Phenix Peak. The Qingxiu Mountain, also called the Green Mountain, is a national AAAA level scenic spot honored as the the ‘green lung’ of Nanning. More than 1,200,000 visitors flock to the Qingxiu Mountain of Nanning City each year, it becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guangxi.

Why is Qingxiu Mountain so special?

With majestic hills and peaks, green trees and beautiful scenes, it was among the eight famous scenes in Nanning. The two lakes together with trees all over have turned the mountain into a large air-purifier, a “large lungs” supplying the Nanning City with fresh air.  Built on the islet of the lake are the two kiosks, being the ideal place for travelers to make repose. 

Main Attractions of Qingxiu Mountain

The main sights in Mt. Qingxiu are ancient Longxiang Tower, Cycads Garden, Tianchi, Yaochi, Sanbao Hall and Thailand Garden etc. Surrounded by thick and bosky trees and precipitous rocks, two artificial pools – Tianchi and Yaochi. With a shimmering surface the Heavenly Lake and the reflections in the water intermingle into a pretty scene.On the top of the mount stands a pagoda, Longxiang Tower, which is the symbol of the mountain. The tower was built during the Ming Dynasty and restored in 1986.

How to Get to Qingxiu Mountain?

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Independent Travel

1.Taking bus No.10, 32, 33, 34, 62, 70, 71, 94, 601 to Mt.Qingxiu Gate or get off at the Qingshan Stop, Qingshan Yinghua Crossroad stop and then transfer to special line in the Mt.Qingxiu Scenic Spot.

2.Take metro line 3 and exit at Mt. Qingxiu Station.

3. Take bus 72, B10 or W19 to Qingxiushan Beimen (North Gate of Mt. Qingxiu).

4. Take bus W8 to Qingxiushan Nanmen (South Gate of Mt. Qingxiu).

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit

From January to April, October to December is the best time. Nanning is warm and comfortable in autumn and winter. And in the spring time can see peach blossom.

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