The Pamir Plateau in Kashgar

Chinese Name:帕米尔高原
The Pamir Plateau, with an elevation of 3200-4500 meters, is located in the southwestern end of Xinjiang, Where the Tianshan Moutains and the Kunlun Mountains met. On the plateau, glaciers are widely distributed, among them are glaciers of Kokoxili, Yangbulak, and Kelayaykela, etc. near the Gongul Mountain-Muztagata. The Gongul Mountain, Gongul Peak and Muztagata Peak, all more than 7500 meters above sea level, are open to foreigners and attract many mountaineers, expeditions and tourists every year. The Pamir Plateau has magnificent mountains and rivers and rare man-made sights, where visitors can enjoy the life and amorous feelings of the Tajik nationality, the “Sun’s Tribe”.