Shandong Gold Rock River International Golf Club

Shandong Gold Rock River International Golf Club or Shandong Guyunhu International Golf Club(山东崮云湖国际高尔夫俱乐部), invested by Shandong Gold Group(山东黄金集团), is the only 18-hole mountain course in Jinan that meets the USGA standard of the United States. The stadium is located in the Wufeng Mountain Provincial tourist Resort(五峰山省级旅游度假) with beautiful mountains and rivers, leaning against the mountains and water, and the fairway is close to the original ecological water surface of Gu Yun Lake, which is nearly 5 million square meters. The total length of the 18-hole fairway in the first phase of the club is 7244 yards and has been completed. The course is designed by Mr. THOMAS A. ROSS, a senior international golf designer, and is designed by Mr. HANKHANSON, the chief international stylist. Skillfully use the original terrain, lakes, mountains, valleys and other natural scenery and golf fully combined, Wufeng Mountain(五峰山), Gu Yun Lake(崮云湖) mountains and rivers into the color of the mountains and rivers.

Chinese Name:山东黄金崮云湖国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:济南市长清区崮云湖南侧