Lianhuachi (Lotus Pond) Park in Beijing

Why is Lianhuachi Park in Beijing so Special?

Lianhuachi Park (known as Lotus Pond Park) is a major urban park in Beijing. The main part of this park is the lake of Lianhuachi, which literally means Lotus Pond. This lake is believed to be the most important water source of ancient Beijing city since the Zhou Dynasty.

Where is Lianhuachi Park in Beijing? 

It is located in the western part of the city, and covers an area of around 53.6 hectares. It is right next to the Beijing West railway station and the Third Ring Road.

How to Get There?

  • Take subway line 7 or line 9, get off at Beijing Xizhan (Beijing West Railway Station), leave from Exit B, and enter the park through the east gate.
  • Take subway line 9, get off at Liuliqiao Dong Station, leave from Exit E, and enter the park through the south gate.
  • Take subway line 10, get off at Lianhuaqiao Station, leave from Exit C, and enter the park through the west gate.
  • Take bus 6, 38, 53, 57, 74, 76, 122, 133, 309, 349, 477, 691, 820, 821, 890, 941, 941 Express, 968, 982, Special Line 3 or 7, and get off at Lianhuachi Station.
  • Take bus 53, 109, 122, 309, 349, 410, 616, 820, 821, 890, 941, 941 Express, 968, 982, 997, or Special Line 3 or 17, and get off at Beijing Xizhan Nanguangchang (Beijing West Railway Station South Square) Station.
  • Take bus 67, 74, 76, 96, 99, 300, 323, 473, 616, 631, 661, 662, 694, 843, 890, 901, 977, Fast Transit Line 68, 130, 134, 145, or 148, or Special Line 2, 8, or Yuntong 120 or 201 and get off at Liuliqiao Beili Station.


As mentioned in the Commentary on the Water Classic, a masterpiece of geographic record in ancient China, water from this lake supported Beijing from the very beginning of the city history till the Yuan Dynasty(1276 – 1368), during which the city of Beijing was rebuilt and shifted towards northeast a bit, and the lake lost its importance as the water source.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the lake became an attraction outside of Beijing. It gradually became the place for royal family and noblemen to enjoy nature. In 1982, the Beijing government rebuilt this park and made it one of the major urban parks in the city. In 2000, the park was largely renovated, and many landscapes and scenic areas were added to it.

Four Hills

There are four hills around the lotus pond. From a distance, the east mountain is narrow and high with a stone path winding through green pines and cypresses to enter the lotus Pavilion on the top of the mountain. On the gentle slope of the west mountain, locusts and ash trees grow there. Both the South and the northern mountains are artificially built with rich plants.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Opening Hours: April to October: 6:00-21:00; November to March: 6:30-20:00
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Price of renting a boat
Rowing boat CNY 20 / hour
Pedal boat CNY 30 / hour
4-seat battery boat CNY 40 / hour
6-seat battery boat CNY 40 / 0.5 hour
Laser shooting boat CNY 80 / hour

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