Lingshan Mountain in Beijing

Why is Lingshan Mountain in Beijing so Special?

Mount Ling, Lingshan or Donglingshan, is a mountain in the Western Hills, an extension of the Taihang Mountains. The mountain is significant for its wildlife, especially birds. At an elevation of 2,303 meters, the summit is the highest point within the Municipality of Beijing. 

Where is Lingshan Mountain in Beijing?

Mount Ling is located in Mentougou District, Beijing, about 120 kilometers to the west of downtown Beijing.

How to Get There?

  • Take Metro Line 1 to Pinggguoyuan Station. Go out from Exit A. At the southwest of the station, take Bus No. 892 to Zhaitang Station. Then change to bus No. M22 and get off at Hongshuikou Station. Then carpool with others to the destination as it is about six miles (10 kilometers) away. The cost of renting a car is CNY 50.


Mammals on Mount Ling include Tolai hare, Siberian roe deer, Chinese goral, leopard cat, Siberian chipmunk, Pere David’s rock squirrel and possibly raccoon dog.

Over 100 species of birds have been recorded on the mountain, including pheasants, hawks and eagles, doves, cuckoos and owls, woodpeckers, tits, larks, warblers, nuthatches, thrushes, redstart, flycatchers, redpolls, finches, and buntings. Rare species have included Przevalski’s redstart, Güldenstädt’s redstart, and Pallas’s rosefinch.

Access routes

It is possible to drive up 1,650 meters above sea level where there are a car park and chair lift (running from June to October) which ascends another 430 meters. From the top of the chair lift, it takes about an hour to walk to the summit.

There are various paths leading to the summit on either side of the chairlift, which is on the east side of the mountain. The direct route along the ridge immediately south of the chairlift, starting at the Lingshan Hotel, takes about three hours to ascend. There is another less direct route on the north side of the chairlift.

The Lingshan Ancient Path provides access from the south. Starting at a white marble arch near Julingxia Village, and this route goes to the peak via the Lingshan Ancient Path Forest Park. Most of the path consists of a wooden walkway, with many steep steps. This route takes about five hours to the summit.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: CNY 50
  • Opening Hours: The scenic spot is open all year round, except November to March.
  • Cable Car Fee: CNY 120 for a round trip; CNY 70/60 for the ascending/descending cable car fee.
  • The best seasons to visit Lingshan Mountain are spring, summer, and autumn.
  • The temperature on the mountain differs greatly so that additional clothing is required. Umbrellas and raincoats are required during summer.
  • Avoid picking and eating wild herbs, fruits, and mushrooms as some are poisonous.
  • The scenic area is under renovation and the cable car is out of service, but visitors can still go there for free.

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