Five-Pagoda Temple (Wuta Si) in Beijing

Why is Five Pagoda Temple so special?

The Five Pagodas Temple Tower is a Buddhist pagoda in the form of the Bhagaya Shrine of India. The pagodas of the same kind in our country are of the earliest age and have the most beautiful style. They can be called representative works of architecture and stone carving art in Ming Dynasty, and they are also models of the combination of Chinese and foreign cultures.

History of Five Pagoda Temple

According to historical records, after the tower was built in the 1473, the Northern Warlords government sold the temple to a businessman who demolished all the temple buildings in the temple, destroying the royal temple with a history of more than 400 years. After the founding of new China, the cultural relics department carried out many repairs to the temple buildings. For visitors to visit and appreciate. This ancient temple has been restored to its luster.

Main Attractions in Five Pagoda Temple

The building materials used for the King Kong throne tower of the Five Pagodas Temple are brick and bluestone, and the interior is brick. Its architectural appearance can be divided into two parts: the lower throne and the upper five towers. The throne is 7.70 meters high and is built on a pedestal about 50 centimeters high. At the bottom of the throne is sumeru, which is 1.78 meters high. Sanskrit not only contains Buddhist scriptures, but also describes the deeds of building the pagoda.

The King Kong Throne Tower of the Five Pagodas Temple is the crystallization of Buddhist art. These contents are mostly Tibetan Buddhist themes and have great reference value for Buddhist studies. Although King Kong Throne Tower is based on India, it still combines the traditional architecture and sculpture art of our country and is an example of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. It is precisely because of its special value in history, art and science that the King Kong throne tower of the Five Pagodas Temple has been listed as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

How to get to Five-Pagoda Temple

Bus: Take bus 332, l05, 111, 107 and 114 to Baishiqiao Station, and you can reach it.

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