Kubuqi Desert in Ordos

Why is Kubuqi Desert So Special?

Kubuqi Desert, near Beijing, is the seventh largest desert in China. “Kubuqi” means bowstring in Mongol because it is shaped like a bowstring on the Yellow River. Kbuqi Scenic Area has a desert climate, with hot summers and extremely cold winters. The warm autumn is the ideal season for traveling to this desert.

Brief Introduction of Kubuqi Desert

Kubuqi Desert (Chinese name: 库布齐沙漠) is located in the north Ordor highland. It is the seventh biggest desert in China. The 262-long meters desert covers an area about 18,600 sq km. And the highlight of this desert is the Resonant Sand Gorge which is located in the northeast side of Kubuqi Desert.

The Ordos Desert is a desert and steppe region lying on a plateau in the south of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. The soil of the Ordos is a mixture of clay and sand and, as a result, is poorly suited for agriculture. It extends over an area of approximately 90,650 km². It comprises two large deserts: the 7th largest desert in China, the Kubuqi Desert in the north, and the 8th largest desert in China, the Maowusu Desert, in the south.

Main Attractions of Kubuqi Desert

Kubuqi Desert Scenic Area is the nearest desert from Beijing. The rich travel resources including the desert, lakes, grasslands, wetlands and oasis are all can be found in Kubuqi. In addition, over thousand birds including the rare white swans inhabit the area in or around the desert.The splendid scene is just in a shape of bow. And “kubuqi” means “bow” in the Mongolian language. This desert is looked like a golden bow in the earth.

Generally, the sand dunes are 10-15 meters high and the moving dunes make up 80% of the total area of the Kubuqi Desert. Some of the sand dunes on the edge of the desert move so fast that they meet Maowusu Sand Land in the west.

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Travel Tips

  1.  Best time to visit: the best time to visit Kubuqi Desert is in summers and autumns.
  2.  Temperature: during the May 1st Labour Day and Oct 1st National Day, the temperature here is comparatively higher, always around 25 C to 40 C in the daytime. While in the night, the temperature will drop around 10 C to 15 C according to the weather.
  3.  Sandstorm: it is rare to experience the sandstorm in Kubuqi Desert. So it is comparatively safe to travel in Kubuqi Desert.

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