Italian Style Street in Tianjin

Why is Italian Style Street So Special?

The scenic spot is next to Haihe River, with a large number of Italian-style buildings. Every spring, summer and autumn, the old Italian concession street in Tianjin has become a city that never sleeps.There are lots of Italian-style small foreign buildings here, which make you feel as if you are in an old town in Marco Polo’s hometown, warm and easy-going. There are not many visitors during the day, so it is very suitable for visiting and taking photos.

Where is Italian Style Street

Italian Style Street is located in Marco Polo Square in Hebei District and is an Italian-style tourist resort in Tianjin. It used to be the only concession outside Italy, but now it is the only large Italian-style building in Asia.

History of Italian Style Street

Italian style street was the former Italian concession of the city. It was built in 1902. On June 7, 1902, Mr. Tang Zhaoyi, Tianjin Customs and a new Italian minister signed the “Terms and Conditions of the Italian Concession Contract in Tianjin”, covering the Italian Concession area in Tianjin. It is located between the Russian concession in Tianjin and the Australian concession in Tianjin. It is connected to Haihe River in the south and Zhushan Railway in the north. It straddles the French concession in Tianjin and the Japanese concession in Tianjin along the river. Since then, the construction of drainage systems, Italian-style properties and related services and facilities, including clubs, gardens, markets and police stations, has started or improved. In 1946, the Italian concession in Tianjin was taken back by the local government.

In 2002, Tianjin municipal government and Tianjin Haihe river construction and development co., ltd carried out protective development of the original concession area, named “Italian style street”. The renovation of this street was completed in 2005 and opened to the public in 2008. It has now become a unique and attractive place in this city. In 2013, Italy Style Street was listed as a national 4A tourist attraction.

Main Attractions of Italian Style Street

The center of Italian style street is Hongpolo Square. The well-preserved fences and other ancient buildings make the town full of Italian flavor.

The layout of the streets is like a chessboard. Both sides of the street are decorated with lights and green trees. Just like a well-cut suit found behind the wardrobe, Tianjin’s newly renovated Italian-style district aims to dress up the city as an international and elegant destination.

Freeway is the only pedestrian street in Italian-style streets. Most buildings are restaurants and bars that attract many tourists. Here you can not only taste real pizza, pasta and other Italian aperitifs, but also enjoy Italian performances and other Italian clothing and crafts exhibitions. You can come here, eat in Italian and French restaurants, and daydream in Europe.

The 24-hour bars, cafes, cinemas, art museums and restaurants attract tourists from all over the world. Besides, this street is very charming at night, with European architecture and warm white light.

Best Time to Travel Water Park

The best time to pay a visit is in June to September.

The main climatic characteristics are clear seasons, windy spring, drought and less rain. The summer is hot and the rain is concentrated. In autumn, the air is cool and the temperature is moderate. Winter is cold and dry with less snow. Therefore, late spring, early summer and autumn are the best seasons to visit Tianjin.

How to Get There

  • Bus: You can take bus of No.27, No.324, No.5, No.634, No.635, No.638, No.639, No.645, No.663, No.676, No.8, No.802, No.806, No.832, No.836, No.905, No.961, No.3 sightseeing road
  • Subway: You can take Subway Line 2 at  Jianguo Road Station Get Off
  • Self-driving: Shengli Road, Xiaqiao, Beian Bridge, is along the street.

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