Huanghuacheng Great Wall in Beijing

Why is Huanghuacheng Great Wall So Special

The Huanghua City Water Great Wall Tourist Area is named after the three sections of the Great Wall entering the water. It is the only Great Wall connecting with water in Beijing. It is a famous tourist and leisure resort with the characteristics of beauty and amalgamation of green hills, clear water, the Great Wall and ancient trees. It has the reputation of “blockade scenery, Jiangnan wind, all in the Great Wall of Water”.

Where is Huanghuacheng Great Wall in Beijing

Beijing Huanghua City Water Great Wall Tourist Area is located in Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, Beijing. It is 65 kilometers away from Beijing District and 35 kilometers northwest of Huairou District Center. It is a famous tourist and leisure resort, featuring beauty and integrating mountains and rivers, clear water and the ancient Great Wall.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

Bus Routes
Route 1:
Dongzhimen Bus Hub takes No. 916 Jingcheng Express to Huairou “Nanhua Garden Area 3” and gets off. It goes 100 meters ahead (through traffic lights). It transfers to Huairou-Shuichang Bus at the “Land Tax” Station, and the end is there.

Route 2:
Changping Long-distance Bus Station or Changling intersection take “Changping-Jiuduhe Special Line” to Jiuduhe Gas Station to get off and transfer to “Huairou-Shuichang” bus. The end point is there.

Self Driving Routes
Route 1: Beijing-Chengdu Expressway – Beijing-Chengdu Expressway to Exit 13 “Beitai Road (Kuanggou)” out of the highway, see the first or third traffic lights turn left and go straight to the direction of the Jiudu River, along the way according to the scenic area road signs can be reached.

Route 2: Litang Road – from Lishui Bridge to Daliushu Island, through Xingshou and Xiazhuang to Jiudu River. Turn left at Jiuduhe Gas Station and reach the scenic spot according to the road sign.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Tourist Seasons
Generally speaking, all seasons are acceptable, but winter is too cold, but it is a good place for residents nearby to exercise. Visitors had better travel in June, July, August, September and October.


Some sections are ruins and broken walls. It’s better not to go when there’s a strong wind. It’s dangerous.

Environmental Protection

Please pay attention to environmental protection and remember, “Don’t take anything away except photographs, and leave nothing behind except footprints.”

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