Jiankou Great Wall in Beijing

Why is Jiankou Great Wall So Special

The Jiankou Great Wall is one of the most precipitous and magnificent sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. Its natural weathering is serious and there is no artificial decoration. It fully shows the surprise, danger, peculiarity, extraordinary and unique of the Great Wall, and it can appreciate the original ancient Great Wall landscape. The Great Wall with arrows and bows is named for its winding W-shaped shape. The Jiankou Great Wall is one of the most famous dangerous sections of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. It has the highest photographic rate in recent years in all kinds of albums of the Great Wall. It has always been a hot spot in the photography of the Great Wall.

Where is Jiankou Great Wall in Beijing

The Great Wall of Jiankou is located in Badaohe Township, northwest of Huairou District, Beijing suburb. It is 1141 meters above sea level and about 30 kilometers away from Huairou County.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

When you visit the Great Wall, you usually arrive at xizhezi village first, which is the starting point for walking around the Great Wall. Starting from Beijing, take bus No. 936 outside Dongzhimen to get off at Yujiayuan Station and transfer to H25 to Xizhazi Station.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Ticket

The Great Wall does not need tickets. If you enter Xizhaizi Village, you need to pay 20 yuan for the tickets of Xizhaizi Eco-sightseeing Park.

Best Tourist Seasons
Generally speaking, all seasons are acceptable, but winter is too cold, but it is a good place for residents nearby to exercise. Visitors had better travel in June, July, August, September and October.


Because of its primitiveness and steepness, users are not advised to climb unauthorized in order to protect cultural relics and safety. Some sections are ruins and broken walls. It’s better not to go when there’s a strong wind. It’s dangerous.

Environmental Protection

Please pay attention to environmental protection and remember, “Don’t take anything away except photographs, and leave nothing behind except footprints.”

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