Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street in Beijing

高碑店古旧家具街When you visit Beijing then want to find some antique furniture then there is one right place, a recommended place for a visit called Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street.

Overview of Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street is located in the east of Beijing, on the outskirt of Chaoyang District, little far from the downtown Beijing. The street has become a characteristic culture street offering classical furniture. As one of the best antique furniture markets in Beijing, Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street is definitely one the places to go if you are interested in Chinese furniture.

Shopping in Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street
After 10 years development, Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street now has a total length of 1500 meter holds more than 300 stores specializing in reproducing furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as antique decorations, ceramics, and modern concept furniture with old wood. It is an ideal place for representing and trading Chinese traditional furniture.

Walking through the street, visitors will have complete view about Chinese ancient furniture with numerous charming traditional tables, chairs, opium beds, benches, stools, drums, etc. Many shops here still keep the business style of having the showroom in front and the workshop in back, so almost all the shops in Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street have small fronts with deep backyards. In additional, for make visitors satisfied, customer even also could make a particular request for their own furniture.

About the furniture prices, Gaobeidian’s prices tend to be lower than those in Panjiayuan but you can often bargain 20 percent off from the listed price. What’s more, the further you go into the street, the cheaper the prices get. So, take your time to explore first then do the bargain.

How to Get Gaobeidian Antique Furniture Street
By Subway: 
Take the subway and get off at Gaobeidian subway station (the Batong line, the one east of line 1), and then head south for a 10 minute walk. You can ask people or just see the directions.
By Bus:
Take the bus No. 312, 397, 475, 506, 649, 666, 728 
By Car:
From downtown Beijing drive east along the Jingtong Expressway and turn right at the Gaobeidian Bridge. Keep following that road till you see a railway crossing, Gaobeidian Furniture Street is the last street on the left before that railway crossing.
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 18:00pm