Curio City Fenzhongsi Antique Furniture Market in Beijing

Curio City Fenzhongsi Antique Furniture Market in Beijing古玩城分钟寺古典家具市场
The Beijing Antique City Market Group is a subsidiary wholly owned by BTG and is mainly engaged in distribution of antiques, jewelries, classic furniture, calligraphic and painting works, and cars. The Beijing Antique City is famous brand known for distribution of antiques. It gathers famous antique and jewelry dealers from all over China and Hong Kong, Macau, and is the most influential antique and artwork market in Asia, and the earliest cultural relic administration market ratified by the State Bureau for Cultural Relics.

Belongs to Beijing Antique City Market Group, Fenzhongsi Classical Furniture Market specializes in classical furniture especially copy ancient furniture, old furniture and hard-wood furniture and there are thousands of collections and works settle down here. There are different grade and different style classical furniture flowering of talent here, so people call it “folk museum of classical furniture”. The museum in market is a very important feature. Fine Furniture Exhibition of Jingzuo, Suzuo, and Guangzuo decipher Chinese culture of classical furniture from different view.