Beijing Jingshanhu Golf Club

Beijing Jingshanhu Golf Club(北京净山湖高尔夫俱乐部) is located 6 kilometers north of Beijing Tiantongyuan(北京通天苑), the core of the villa area in Aobei, only 10 kilometers away from the Olympic Park(奥运公园).The surrounding transportation is convenient, can be arrived through Litang road(立汤路), Jingcheng highway(京承高速), Badaling highway(八达岭高速), airport highway and other accesses.

Jingshanhu 18-hole Golf Course is 7312 yards in length and 72 par. The course is designed by the famous company Schmidt & Currie Golf Design Company and they supervised the construction of the whole course. Designed in the style of Pete Dye‘s ’TPC arena,the soothing, hilly course makes use of natural scenery such as terrain and mountain scenery. A large number of design elements of the original ecological course in Scotland are adopted to achieve the perfect unity of competition and fun, and the sandpit and water are playing each other. There is also a rare 1018 square meters laminated green 3,401 square meters large bunker 3.5 meters deep bunker 100,000 square meters of water.
Jingshanhu Club plans 4000 square meters, with Chinese wooden lattice, columns, doors and other frames to build up Chinese style. The club has restaurants, specialty shops, health, hot springs, SPA and other complete functional facilities. The overall style is calm and generous, the architectural structure is simple and stretch. With mountain scenery and lotus pond, it creates an elegant atmosphere of famous merchants, leisure and health, high-end entertainment.
Course Introduction
Opening date: April 7, 2011                                   Designer: Pete Dye
Type: links                                                              Holes :18
Tifdwarf: bent A4                                                  Fairway grass: bluegrass
Cart: yes                                                                  Golf range: yes
Contact number :010-56419556                        Fax:(010) 61795279
Address: no. 9, Shunsha road, Xiaotangshan town, Changping district, Beijing

Chinese Name:北京净山湖体育休闲俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:北京市昌平区小汤山镇顺沙路9号