Foreign viewers hail Tian’anmen events

The grand military parade and the pageantry staged as part of celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday morning have been hailed by overseas audiences as awe-inspiring and sparking a sense of pride.

Over 200,000 people attended the grand gathering at the Tian’anmen Square, either participating in the military parade and pageantry or witnessing the events. The celebration was broadcast live on TV and the internet, garnering worldwide attention.

Naghmana Hashmi, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, who attended the celebration, said the ceremony and the military parade was a sight to behold.

“It is a sign of a patriotic and proud nation that celebrates its milestones with so much excellence, pride and vigor. I have no doubt that the Chinese leadership, with the support of Chinese people, will continue to steer the country toward the fulfillment of the Chinese dream,” she said.

She also hailed the speech made by President Xi Jinping at the grand gathering, saying that the sagacity and wisdom of the Chinese leadership was evident in the speech and it will be a source of inspiration for the whole world.

Dechen Gonpatsang Tulku, president of the Tibetan Association of North America, who also witnessed the events, said he broke into tears as the pageantry passed by.

“It made me feel so good. I’ve never watched a celebration that is so powerful and emotionally touching,” he said.

Dechen Gonpatsang, a United States citizen and ethnic Tibetan, said the celebrations also evoked a sense of pride in him.

Chea Munyrith, director of the Confucius Institute of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, watched the live broadcast of the ceremony at his office in Phnom Penh.

He said that he marveled at the celebration events, and the pageantry showcased the arduous efforts the Chinese people have made over the past 70 years.

“Facts have proved that China’s growth can benefit global growth, and China’s reform and opening-up is being positively felt in many other places in the world,” he said.

Source: China Daily                                                                 Update: October 2, 2019