Beijing travel festival lures young foreigners

Beijing has launched three culture-and-travel programs for young visitors from overseas. Distinctive bookstores, celebrities former residences, museums, galleries, theaters and iconic landmarks are all open for exploration, during the Beijing International Youth Tourism Festival, which started on Friday.

The festival, hosted by the city’s culture and tourism bureau, will last for three months. The aim is to allow young foreigners to experience the capital’s profound culture and urban vibrancy.

The programs will subsequently be developed into itineraries for future inbound visitors.

“Cultural input is the highlight of this year’s festival” said Jia Limei, a senior official with Beijing’s culture and tourism bureau.

“For example, foreigners can experience traditional features as Peking Opera, shadow-puppet shows and drum performances.”

Authorities are hoping the festival can promote traditional culture and deepen exchanges between China and other countries.

“The youth community is the most vivacious. It’s at the forefront of life and cultural experiences” Jia said.

“We hope they can help spread the word about our culture and tourism.”

Foreign students from institutes of higher learning, employees from foreign companies operating in Beijing and inbound tourists will be invited to join the festival, added Jia Limei.

Participants will be selected based on their Beijing stories shared online.

According to Jia, hundreds of young foreigners from dozens of countries attended last year.

Source: China Daily                                                                           Update: July 16, 2019