Qianxinan Climate

Qianxinan prefecture has pleasant climate, no severe cold in winter and intense heat in summer, long sunshine duration and abundant rainfall, is an ideal tourist area. Xingyi, the capital of Qianxinan prefecture, is in the comfort period for a long time in a year. Only July and August are relatively hot, April and October are relatively comfortable, and other months are slightly cold.

Temperature and Precipitation

Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture enjoys a subtropical monsoon humid climate. For many years, the annual average temperature is 13.8-19.4℃. The average temperature in January is 7.1℃ and the extreme minimum temperature of -8.9℃(occurred in Anlong County on February 14, 1968); In July, average temperature is 23℃ and extreme maximum temperature of 40.2 ℃(occurred in Ceheng county on April 11, 2006).

The annual frost-free period in Qianxinan Buyi and Miao autonomous prefecture is 317 days on average, the longest is 365 days, and the shortest is 219 days. The annual average sunshine hours are 1589.1 hours. The average annual rainfall is 1352.8 mm, and the average annual rainfall days are 189 days, maximum of 216 days (in 1981) and minimum of 137 days ( in 2009). The extreme annual maximum rainfall is 2047.8 mm (in Qinglong county in 1965), and the extreme annual minimum rainfall is 737.1 mm (in Xingren city in 1989). Rainfall is concentrated from may to September, with the most in June. Therefore, Qianxinan climate features sufficient heat, abundant rainfall, long frost-free period, warm and humid throughout the year. 

Tips for Qianxinan Weather

Best Time to Visit

Qianxinan prefecture is located deep in the inland, with sufficient sunshine, abundant precipitation, short frost period, warm and humid all year round. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate, featuring pleasant climate, little temperature change, few weather disasters, suitable for tourism. Qianxinan prefecture is suitable for tourism in four seasons. It is warm in spring, and flowers are in bloom at that time; Comfortable in summer without too much hot and dry feeling; And cool and dry in autumn, which is the best tourism season. In winter, there is no severe cold, making Qianxinan prefecture one of the alternative choices for winter travel. 

Packing Tips

1. Due to sufficient heat and long sunshine duration in Qianxinan Prefecture, sunscreen products like sun cream, sunhat, sun glass are needed when travelling. 

2. Because of abundant rainfall, rain gears like umbrella and rain coat are necessary, especially from May to September. 

3. Many scenic spots in Qianxinan prefecture are in mountainous areas, so you are supposed to wear sneakers or climbing shoes, which are convenient for walking. 

4. If you travel to Qianxinan in Summer and autumn, usually, you can just wear short-sleeve clothes and shorts, but you should prepare a coat for the temperature difference in the morning and evening. When travelling in spring and winter, although there is no severe cold in Qianxinan, sweater, heavy coat and trouser are also needed at these seasons. 

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