Qianxinan Dining

When you are in Qianxinan, in addition to enjoying beautiful scenery, do not miss the delicious food there. Local food and snacks in Qianxinan include Zhenfeng Glutinous Rice, Xingyi Mutton Rice Noodle, Er Kuai Ba(rice-flour cake), Anlong Jianfen, etc. 

What to Eat in Qianxinan

Xingyi Mutton Rice Noodle(兴义羊肉米粉)

Xingyi mutton rice noodle is a special food of Xingyi city in Qianxinan prefecture, with a history of more than 300 years. With complicated technology and fine workmanship, Xingyi mutton rice noodle is made of rice noodle and mutton, seasoning with pickled radish, chili powder, pepper powder, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, salt, chopped scallion, coriander and mutton soup, etc. 

Zhenfeng Glutinous Rice(贞丰糯米饭)

Zhenfeng glutinous rice is the traditional featured food of Zhenfeng county of Qianxinan. It has been quite famous in the Jiaqing period of Qing dynasty. Zhenfeng glutinous rice takes high-quality glutinous rice and selected lean pork as the main raw materials, with lard, vegetable oil, sliced kelp, pickled radish, mung bean sprouts, oil pepper, chopped green onion, soy sauce, MSG and other seasonings.

Shua Ba Tou(刷把头)

Shua Ba Tou is Xingyi's famous snack, originated from the Tongzhi period of Qing Dynasty. It got the name because its shape looks like bamboo brush. Shua Ba Tou work is very fine, with flour, bamboo shoots, lean meat and eggs as the main materials. The wrapper is made of flour, eggs and water, then rolls it as thin as a paper. Put the chopped bamboo shoots into a pot with boiling water for two or three times, then rinse five or six times. When making, put the lean meat first and then bamboo shoots, finally wrap into shape and put into steamer. 

Anlong Er Kuai Ba(安龙饵块粑)

Er Kuai Ba(or rice-flour cake) is a traditional food of the people in Qianxinan prefecture. And in Qianxinan prefecture of Guizhou province, the historical city of Anlong has the best quality of Er Kuai Ba, enjoying a good reputation. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the streets of Anlong are always filled with baskets of Er Kuai Ba for selling. Some people buy it as the gift to relatives and friends, or some people buy it to eat during spring festival, therefore, Er Kuai Ba has become a popular special food during the Spring Festival. There are many ways to eat Er Kuai Ba, such as frying, boiling and roasting.

Preserved Egg in Zhenfeng(贞丰皮蛋)

Preserved Egg is a famous special food in Mingu town of Zhenfeng County, with a long history of making. With local shelduck's egg(麻鸭蛋) as raw material, the preserved eggs are wrapped in the plaster made of alkali, lime, old tea leaves, salt and well water. The preserved egg made in this way has a unique flavor and is favored by local peopleIn recent years, Zhenfeng preserved eggs have been sold to AnshunGuiyangYunnanGuangxi and other places. 

Where to Eat In Qianxinan

Xingyi Fuxing Maomao City(兴义富兴猫猫城) and Banshan Maomao City(伴山猫猫城) are modern night culture clusters integrating bar, catering, entertainment, snack snacks. They are adjacent to each other, with diversified catering, culture, entertainment and consumption experience bringing people rich life to enjoy, let citizens and tourists not be restricted by time, at any time to enjoy life, even if in the evening.

1. Xingyi Fuxing Maomao City(兴义富兴猫猫城)
Address: Jushan Sub-district of Xingyi City, including 5 roads, Shenqi East Road(神奇东路), Fuxing No.1 Street(富兴一街), Fuxing No.2 Street(富兴二街), Fuxing East Road(富兴东路) and Xiangjiang Road(香江路).

2. Banshan Maomao City(伴山猫猫城)
Address: Banshan residential area of Jushan sub-district, including 5 roads, Banshan No.1 Road, Banshan No.2 Road, Banshan No.3 Road, Banshan No.4 Road and Fengyi Road(凤仪路). 

3. Buyi Restaurant(布依人家特色农庄)
Address: Xingba Highway, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴义市兴巴公路
Tel: 13378594408/13984669799

4. Sheng Shi Miao Jia(盛世苗家)
Address: No.43, Gongyuan North Road, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴义市公园北路43号
Tel: 18208636987

5. Shi Zi Lou(狮子楼)
Address: First Floor of Mingdu Apartment, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴义市铭都公寓1楼
Tel: 0859-3330055/0859-3299333

6. Liuji Mutton Rice Noodle(刘记羊肉粉馆)
Address: No.44, Tiejiang Street, Huangcao Sub-district, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴义市黄草街道铁匠街44号
Tel: 0859-3224665

7. Wang Feng Lou(望峰楼)
Address: Jingfeng Avenue, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南州兴义市景峰大道
Tel: 0859-3340998

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