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Qianxinan is one of the youngest autonomous prefectures among the 30 autonomous prefectures in China. It was founded on May 1, 1982. It has jurisdiction over Xingyi, Xingren, Pu'an, Qinglong, Zhenfeng, Anlong, Ceheng, Wangmo eight counties and cities. There are many specialties in Qianxinan, such as Guizhou Chun, Xingren's barley rice, Anlong Er Kuai Ba(安龙耳块粑), preserved egg in Mingu Town of Zhenfeng County, navel orange in Qinglong county, Traditional Figured Cloth of Buyi and so on. After a day of sightseeing, you can step into local shopping mall and street to seek some local specialties. 

What to Buy in Qianxinan

Guizhou Chun(贵州醇)

Guizhou Chun is a low-alcohol liquor produced by Xingyi cellar winery, which has a short history of growth. But once launched, it has become a well-known rising star at home and abroad. Guizhou Chun is made from high quality sorghum and wheat, matching with local sweet spring water and adopting traditional solid state fermentation process. Aroma lasts long, even if adding ice and water, the taste is unchangeable, quality and affordable, strong aroma, sweet and refreshing, long aftertaste. Iron box package appears more high-grade, vogue, and suitable for the fashionable and simple style of Modern young people. Guizhou alcohol has pioneered low-alcohol strong-flavor liquor, which is called a revolution in the history of Chinese liquor brewing industry.

Anlong Er Kuai Ba(安龙饵块粑)

Er Kuai Ba(or rice-flour cake) is a traditional food of the people in Qianxinan prefecture. And in Qianxinan prefecture of Guizhou province, the historical city of Anlong has the best quality of Er Kuai Ba, enjoying a good reputation. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the streets of Anlong are always filled with baskets of Er Kuai Ba for selling. Some people buy it as the gift to relatives and friends, or some people buy it to eat during spring festival, therefore, Er Kuai Ba has become a popular special food during the Spring Festival. There are many ways to eat Er Kuai Ba, such as frying, boiling and roasting.

Preserved Egg in Zhenfeng(贞丰皮蛋)

Preserved Egg is a famous special food in Mingu town of Zhenfeng County, with a long history of making. With local shelduck's egg(麻鸭蛋) as raw material, the preserved eggs are wrapped in the plaster made of alkali, lime, old tea leaves, salt and well water. The preserved egg made in this way has a unique flavor and is favored by local peopleIn recent years, Zhenfeng preserved eggs have been sold to Anshun, Guiyang, YunnanGuangxi and other places. 

Ethnic Embroidery民族刺绣

Miao embroidery craft is an indispensable part of Miao women's life. Embroidery is divided into flat embroidery, knot embroidery, woven pattern, drawnwork, etc. Embroider tool is simple, the material is mainly coarse cloth, cotton cloth or silks and satins, and the patterns include geometrical pattern, natural pattern and painterly design. These design fully shows the pursuit of beauty of Miao people. 

Traditional Figured Cloth of Buyi布依土花布

Traditional Figured Cloth of Bouyei is all handmade, with exquisite technology, plain and elegant patterns, chic modeling. Patterns include print strip, grid, twill, plum blossom, sweet-scented osmanthus, orchid and so on, with distinct blue and white tones, even linellae and strong stereo perception, full of strong ethnic characteristics. 

Where to Buy in Qianxinan

Xingyi is the capital of Qianxinan prefecture, is a good place to shop in Qianxinan. Jiexin garden pedestrian street(街心花园步行街) and Panjiang road commercial street(盘江路商业街) are the traditional business district in Xingyi; And many large and medium-sized shopping malls in Xingyi gather around Jushan Square(桔山广场).

1. Yijia Shopping Mall(亿家购物广场)
Address: No.93, Yingbin East Road, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市迎宾东路93号

2. Jinzhou Meifu Department Store(金州美福百货)
Address: No.33, Ruijin North Road, Jushan Subdistrict, Xingyi City, Qianxinan黔西南兴义市桔山瑞金北路33号
Tel: 0859-3668177

3. Xingwang Supermarket(兴旺超市)
Address: Changxing Road, Xingren City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴仁市长兴路
Tel: 18815231197

4. Hualian Wanjia Shopping(华联万家购物)
Address: No.60, Juandong Street, Anlong County, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州安龙县卷洞街60号

5. Hao Le Gou Shopping Center(好乐购·购物广场)
Address: Provincial Road 210, Zhenfeng County, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州贞丰县210省道
Tel: 0859-6843658

6. Lianhua Shopping Center(联华购物中心)
Address: Xiangyang Road, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture黔西南州兴义市向阳路

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