Qiandongnan Tours

Qiandongnan tours are usually involved with popular destinations in Qiandongnan including Kaili, Liping, Leishan, Congjiang, Rongjiang, top destinations in Guizhou like Anshun and Guiyang, as well as destinations in other provinces like YunnanGuangxi and Hunnan. Famous for its rich and colorful natural scenery and ethnic culture, Qiandongnan tours will take you to Flying Cloud Cliff, Leigongshan Nature Reserve, Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Jiabang Rice Terraces, Xiasi Scenic Area and other attractions in Qiandongnan, as well as let you experience ethnic culture at the largest Miao village in the world, Xijiang Miao Village, and the largest Dong village in the world, Zhaoxing Dong Village. What's more, various tour themes can be chosen in Qiandongnan Tour, such as ethnic minority villages tour, Miao and Dong minority tour, festival tour, etc. We can also customize a tour package according to your needs.