Qiandongnan Climate

Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture has a subtropical humid monsoon climate with some characteristics of plateau climate. The average temperatures of the coldest month and the hottest month are 5-8℃ and 24-28℃ respectively. and  The rainy season usually lasts from April to October and is mainly concentrated on spring and summer.

Temperature and Precipitation

Enjoying a subtropical monsoon humid climate, climate in Qiandongnan has the features of without intense heat in summer, without bitter cold in winter, as well as rain and heat in the same season. The annual average temperature is 14-18℃, the coldest month(January) average temperature of 5-8℃; The hottest month (July) average temperature of 24-28℃. Due to the different geographical location and topography in Qiandongnan, the temperature varies from place to place. The general trend is that temperatures are higher in the south than in the north and higher in the east than in the west. The annual sunshine hours in Qiandongnan are 1068-1296 hours, frost-free period of 270-330 days, rainfall of 1000-1500 mm, and relative humidity of 78-84%.

Tips for Qiandongnan Weather

Four Seasons of Qiandongnan

Qiandongnan belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate, with no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer, obvious rain season and much rainfall. Qiandongnan is suitable for tourism in four seasons. 

1. Spring in Qiandongnan is full of beautiful flowers everywhere. It seems that coming into a land of idyllic beauty. Kaili International Lusheng festival is held in March, hilarious and bustling. 

2. Summer in Qiandongnan is the best place to spend the summer. At the same time, there are many Miao and Dong ethnic festivals during this period, such as Jianhe "Yang Asha(仰阿莎)" cultural festival in July, and the Huangping "Qielan ancient country(且兰古国)" cultural tourism festival. 

3. Autumn in Qiandongnan is a good time to enjoy the gold fields. From October 1 to 3, there are Hualian Dragon(花脸) and folklore performance in Longli Ancient Town(隆里古城) of Jinping County

4. Winter in Qiandongnan has few tourists. You can follow the trail of history by wandering in the quiet ancient alleys, eat long table banquet on the wind and rain bridge, and feel the primitive flavor of Zhaoxing Dong village in Liping county. 

Best Time to Visit

Qiandongnan is suitable for tourism in four seasons. But tourists usually travel to Qiandongnan in spring, summer and autumn, when the temperature is higher than winter. It is notable that the rainy season in Kaili usually lasts for half a year. If you don't like there are too many rainy days, go to travel in autumn. In autumn, the rain doesn't fall as much as in summer, the temperature will not as low as in winter.  

Packing Tips

1. The climate of Qiandongnan belongs to subtropical humid climate, with abundant precipitation, remember to bring umbrella and other rain gears.

2. As Qiandongnan is in mountainous area, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, and it is cooler in the morning and evening. Coat is necessary when traveling. Besides, there are many mountain roads in the scenic area, please wear shoes that are convenient for walking.

3. Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary for the high altitude in this region and strong ultraviolet ray.

4. In General, in Guizhou, you can wear T-shirt in the summer time, and you should put on thick coat and sweater in winter. 

Peak Holidays

Try to avoid the Chinese peak holidays when planning your Qiandongnan tour.  The most crowded holidays are Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.), International Labor Day(May 1-3) and National Day(Golden week, Oct. 1-7). 

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