Karamay Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • City Code: 650200
  • Zip code: 834000
  • Fire: 119  Ambulance: 120  Police: 110
  • Karamay Airport: 0990-6931287
  • Karamay Tourist Administration:  0990-6242773; 6223009
  • Tourist Complaint: 0990-6888861; 6223008

Post Offices

  • Dushanzi Post Office: No.34 Daqing West Road, Dushanzi District
  • Nanxinlu Road Post Office: No.79 Nanxinlu Road, Karamay District
  • Wuwuxin Town Post Office: No.73 Tianchi Avenue Karamay District
  • Zuanjin Post Office Branch: No.4 Building of North Slope Garden, Baijiantan District
  • Nanjinglu Road Post Office: No.16 Nanjing Road, Dushanzi District.


Karamay Airport belongs to a branch airport in Xinjiang. At present, there are flights from Karamay to 12 domestic cities like Beijing, Chengdu, Urumqi, etc. Each day, there is one round-trip from Urumqi, with about 40 minutes’ flying.

There are several airport shuffle buses in the city proper, and you could buy air tickets from Karamay to other cities at the ticket offices in downtown.

Karamay Passenger Center offers long-distance buses to places inside the Xinjiang like Urumqi, Kuytun, Tacheng, Shihezi, Ili, etc. Also, coaches to tourist attractions nearby are available as well. From the city proper, you could take Bus No.103, 305, and 306 to get to the station.

Customs and Taboos

The main ethnic minorities of northern Xinjiang are Uygur and Kazak people. So those who believe in Mohammedanism do not eat pork. So please mind your eating and words if you are in somewhere with them.


There are large temperature differences between day and night in Karamay, so please take some warm clothes with you.

Security Check

Security check there is very strict. At the airport, all the pockets are required to check. You may be asked to take off the shoes and then your feet are needed to be scanned. There would be secondary security check at the boarding channels.


The handcraft - knife of Xinjiang  is not allowed to take to the plane or train. Thus, when you shop for your souvenirs, you need to think about the security check.

In some parts of the sparsely populated, accommodation is not very convenient. If you have plans to those places, you need to drive your cars or take tents with you.