Karamay Climate

The annual average temperature of Karamay is 8.6 ℃. The coldest month is January in the whole year. The average month temperature was -15.4℃, and the extreme minimum temperature was -40.5℃, which appeared on December 23, 1984.

The hottest month of Karamay is July. The highest average month temperature is 27.9℃. The highest temperature ever reached 46.2℃, at Urho District on July 14th of 2004.

In the whole year, July receives the most sunlight, with 302.5 hours; December receives the least,with 99.8 hours only.

The average annual rainfall is 108.9 mm, with 2,692.1- millimeter evaporation which is 24.7 times of the precipitation at the same period.

Averagely, the high wind days are 64.5, and the summer hot days are 27.6. First frost generally appears in early November and last frost ends in late March, with frost-free period of 232.3 days.

The Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Karamy is spring and autumn. Karamay city belongs to typical continental climate which has the characteristics of dry, little rain, and much wind in spring and autumn. Winter is much too cold and summer is too hot, with large temperature differences, so the two seasons are not suitable for traveling.

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