Karamay Shopping

Karamay offers various local specialties that you could buy during your Karamay visiting, such as fig, kender, Hami melons, pomegranates, etc. And on the Junggar Avenue which is near to the People’s Square in downtown, where also is the flourishing area of the city, you could buy a variety of products both from the locals or other areas in Xinjiang and things from other domestic cities in China. Products with all levels and types can be found there. Here are some details about Karamay shopping that you could refer tofor your Karamay visiting.

What to Buy in Karamay 

Fig (无花果)

It is native to West Asia and was brought to China about Tang Dynasty. With the abundant nutrition like fructose, tartaric acid, protein, vitamin, it has lots of function. Fig is widely planted in Tarim Basin. It can be made into dried fruit and jam in addition to be eaten when freshly.

Kender (夹竹桃麻)

It is also called the oleander and wild hemp, and it belongs to wild plants. It grows in Lop Nor areas. In China, there is the habit that takes kender to make tea in early time. Recent years, there are researches proved that kender has lots of good functions for health.

Hongmibao (红密宝)

It is a kind of Hami melon which is quite famous in Xinjiang, with fine taste and good flavor. The large temperature differences between day and night make the melons here be with high quality.

Red Grapes

Each grape of this type has averagely the weight of 8 grams, with crisp pulp, fine taste, sweet flavor, nice appearance and good quality. 

Karamay Pomegranates

Karamay pomegranates have the features of big size and good color of the appearance. Owing to the favorable climate conditions for fruit growing, pomegranates there have good quality.

Where to Buy in Karamay 

Adaxi Xinjiang Dried Fuit Specialty (阿达西干果新疆特产)

It lies on No.89-4 Youyi Road of Karamay District. Xinjiang fresh fruit has high quality so that dried fruits are also well-known known and they are popular snacks for tourists from home and abroad. The shop mainly sells all kinds of Xinjiang dried fruit and local specialties.

Xinta Pedestrian Street (鑫塔步行街)

The pedestrian street is located in Baijiantan District. It is a street with the characteristics of ethnic features where all sorts of shops stand to sell various Xinjiang specialties and ethnic clothes.

Culture Pedestrian Street (文化步行街)

It is located at the intersection of Hongxing Road and Linyuan Road of Karamay District. The transportation there is convenient. And the street develops well with beautiful scenery.

Garden Shopping Mall (花园商场)

It lies on No.36 Huayuan Road. There stands all kinds of shops selling food, clothes, shoes, etc. Also, there is a food street which you could taste different special food there.

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