Karamay Transportation

The following is the information about Karamay airport, railway station, coach station and public buses.

How to Get & leave There

By Air

Karamay Airport

The airport is located on the place that is 12 miles from Huke Highway, and is 13 miles away from the Karamay city proper. It was transformed to become the new one, and the old airport was stopped to be used in 1998. The airport is 289 miles away from the capital city, Urumqi. And it takes 40 minutes’ flight to reach Urumqi

By Train

Wuwu Railway Station

It is situated in Wuwu Town in southern Karamay, and it is the second station of the Kuibei Railway and the first station into Karamay. It is 67 miles away from Kuitun Railway Station in south and 395 miles away from Beitun Railway in north.  The 496.5-mile Kuibei Railway is the first railway in north Xinjiang, and there are 6 railway stations on the railway including Kuitun Railway Station, Usu Railway Station, Karamay Railway Station, Hoxtolgay Railway Station (和什托洛盖), Fuhai Railway Station and Beitunzhen Railway Station.

Karamay Railway Station

It is located at the place that is 800 meters from the intersection of Weiyi Road and Jingsi Road in Karamay District. It is 144 miles away from Kuibei Railway.

By Long-distance Bus

Karamay Passenger Station

It is located on No.131 Youyi Road, Karamay District. And its telephone number is 0990-6222489. The station provides coach lines to Kuytun, Urumqi, Hefeng, Tacheng, Ili and Usu.

Karamay Passenger Center

It is located on No.131 Youyi Road, Karamay District. And its telephone number is 0990-6841037.

Bus to get there: Bus No.107, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 303, 103, 2, 9

Urban Transport


The bus there offers great convenience for people. For most buses, the price is 1 yuan for each passenger, and 0.7 yuan for those who have bus cards. The business time is from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., but the time varies if the bus lines are different.


The starting price of the taxi there is 5 yuan for 3 miles, and it becomes 1.2 yuan for each miles while over 3 miles. During your trip, if you ask drivers to wait, you need to add 1.2 yuan for each 3 minutes. The telephone number of taxi there is 0990-6231562 and the taxi complaint number is 0990-683222.