Karamay Festivals and Events

Lesser Bairam

Id al-fitr or Lesser Bairam, each year in September is a Muslim Ramadan, and during this period, they only eat before sunrise and after sunset. They do not eat any diet during the day time. Usually, there would be 3 days to celebrate.

Corban Festival

It is a Muslim festival. In the early morning of the festival, Muslims bathe and then wear neat and formal clothes to go to the mosque to attend their ceremonies. Whether in the cities or the countryside squire, grand Maxrap dancing shows are held. Colorful and wonderful decoration is made during the event.

Karamay Water Festival

It is held in early August each year. The festival was first celebrated in 2002. During the festival, various cultural activities are showed. In addition to the goods trading and talking, there are other activities like food festivals, photography exhibition and water sports.