Karamay Dining

For Karamay diet, there is diverse food with Han nationality feature, but for the flavor, halal flavor accounts a lot. In Karamay, there is lots of food with Uyghur flavor. Boda Market on Tianshan Road, night market of Tahe Road, the food street under the Bridge of Karamay River are all good places for snacks hunting. The following is some information about Karamay food.

What to Eat in Karamay 

  • Karamay Cold Rice Noodle Roll (克拉玛依凉皮子): Cold rice noodle roll, the snack is common in China, but in Karamay it has unique flavor which can not be found in other places. It takes pickled carrot, cabbage, preserved szechuan pickle, pickled cowpea, bean sprout, pepper, garlic paste, parsley and spring onion as seasonings.
  • Pa’ermuding (帕尔木丁): It is a traditional Uyghur delicacy, with golden color, fine appearance, crisp skin and inner succulent meat. It is mainly made of flour and eggs with other seasonings.
  • Nang (馕): It is the staple food of people in Xinajing, and it is a kind of crusty pancake which is similar to baked cake with unique flavor.
  • Shish Kebab (烤羊肉串): Shish kebab is known nationwide. It is a popular choice for barbecue. The most authentic shish kebab can be eaten in Xinjiang.

Where to Eat in Karamay 

Tianshanjishi Restaurant (天山集市)
It is situated on No.67 Yingbin Road, Karamay District. It is a restaurant that offers all kind of authentic Xinjiang dishes with western China flavor.

Laohuimin Banmianwang Restaurant (老回民拌面王)
It is situated on No.69 Zhongxing Road, Karamay District. The restaurant mainly offers all sorts of noodles. If you like noodles, it is a good place to go.

49 Meatball Soup Restaurant (四十九丸子汤)
It is near to the 217 National Highway of Wuwu Town, Karamay District. It is known for its soup. Also, it offers other authentic Xinjiang food as well.

Shawan Dapanji Restaurant (沙湾大盘鸡)
It is situated on Dalian Road, Dushanzi District. The restaurant offers authentic Xinjiang (Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper).

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