Honghe Travel Tips

As one of popular tourist destinations in Yunnan Province, there are increasingly foreign and domestic travelers in Honghe Prefecture, especially Yuanyang and Jianshui. Then it is necessary to know something about travel tips, like what to notice while traveling in Honghe and the best time to visit Honghe.

Useful Numbers

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Area code: 0873

Zip Code: 661100

Tourist Consultant: 12301

Telephone Number Inquiry: 141

Tourism complaint: 0873-3727548

Weather Forecast Inquiry: 12121/96121


1. Dressing

Honghe is not very hot in summer and not so cold in winter, the rainy season is from may to September. Going to Honghe in summer, you need to bring rain-proof. You can wear thin clothes in the daytime, but add clothes at night; Temperature in winter won’t be lower than 5℃, so heavy clothes is not necessary. However, there are climate difference between the north and the south, large temperature difference from day to night and the climate varies greatly with the elevation. It is advisable to take two-season clothing whenever you go.

2. Sunscreen

Most Honghe tourist areas are located on the two sides of the Tropical of Cancer with large solar altitude all year round. Because of long sunshine duration and strong ultraviolet ray, you ought to pay attention to sun protection. Even though ultraviolet ray during rainy season is weak, sunscreen is also needed if you stay outdoors for a long time.

3. Safety 

There are high mountains and deep valleys in Honghe prefecture, altitude difference is large. It is prone to natural disaster after heavy rain. Be aware of disaster prevention in Rainy days. Do not climb the steep slope.

4. The Best Time to Visit Honghe

The best time to travel in Honghe is March to May and September to November every year. The most beautiful season in Yuanyang county is every November to the following April. Most areas of Hongke prefecture belong to subtropical plateau monsoon climate, annual average temperature is between 15℃ and 22.6℃. The temperature rises gradually from Yuanyang, Jianshui, Mengzi, Hekou. When traveling, you are supposed to take at least two-season clothes, and a light raincoat by which you can not only keep the rain off, but also lay on the ground to have a rest when you are tired.


There are 10 long-dwelling people in Honghe prefecture, they have their own festivals and activities. Such as, Kuzhazha Festival of Hani, Torch Festival of Yi, Panwang Festival of Yao and Huashan Festival.


1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(中国工商银行)

Address: No.165, Middle Renmin Road, Mengzi City(蒙自市人民中路165号)

2. Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行)

Address: No.15, Yinhe Road, Mengzi City(蒙自市银河路15号)

Address: No.50, Wuyi Road, Gejiu City(个旧市五一路50号)

3. Construction Bank of China(中国建设银行)

Address: No.54, Ranweng West Road, Mile City(弥勒市髯翁西路54号)

4. Yuanyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行元阳支行)

Address: No.9, Changqing Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇常青路9号)

Tel: 0873-5643989

5. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(中国工商银行)

Address: No.177, Linan Road, Jianshui County(建水县临安路177号)

Tel: 0873-7652223/0873-3183438

Post Offices

1. Yuanyang Post Office(元阳县邮政局)

Address: Datian Street, Yuanyang County(元阳县大田街)

Tel: 0873-5642808  

2. China Postal Savings Bank(中国邮政储蓄银行)

Address: No.2, Jianzhong Road, Jianshui County(建水县建中路2号)

Tel: 0873-7657030

3. Mengzi Post Office(蒙自邮政局)

Address: No.62, Lianda Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi City(蒙自市文澜镇联大路62号)

4. Datun Post Office(大屯邮政局)

Address: No.181, Haifeng Road, Datun Town, Gejiu City(个旧市大屯镇海风路181号)

Tel: 0873-2841221


Hospitals in Honghe prefecture are centered on government seat of each city and county. There are some Health centers in townships and villages, but facilities are to be improved.

1. People's Hospital of Yuanyang County(元阳县人民医院)

Address: No.8, Yerong Road, Yuanyang County(元阳县叶榕路8号)

Tel: 0873-5622080

2. People's Hospital of Jianshui County(建水县人民医院)

Address: No. 528, Jianshui Avenue, Jianshui County(建水县建水大道528号)

Tel: 0873-7652250

3. People's Hospital of Mengzi City(蒙自市人民医院)

Address: No.89, Tianma Road, Mengzi City(蒙自市天马路89号)

Tel: 0873-3717567

4. People's Hospital of Gejiu City(个旧市人民医院)

Address: No.17, Jinhu South Road, Gejiu City(个旧市金湖南路17号)

Tel: 0873-2144731

Book Stores

1. Moxiang(墨香)

Address: No.87, Hanlin Street, Jianshui County(建水县翰林街87号)

2. Xinhua Bookstore(新华书店)

Address: No.5, Chaoyang South Road, Jianshui County(建水县朝阳南路5号)

3. Guangxue Book Store(广学书店)

Address: Jinhua Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi City(蒙自市文澜镇锦华路)

4. Xinhua Book Store(新华书店)

Address: No.35, Yinhe Road, Mengzi City(蒙自市银河路35号)


There is no airport in Honghe prefecture yet, but Mengzi Airport, Mile Airport and Yuanyang Airport are under plan and construction. In coming years, Tourists may go to Honghe more conveniently by airplane. At present, tourists can get to and get away Honghe by Long-distance bus or train. For getting around Honghe, you can take regular bus between cities and counties. Or you can take chartered minibus for going to somewhere that has no regular bus.


The one and only undergraduate university in Honghe is Honghe University. There are 13 colleges and 62 undergraduate majors in Honghe University.