Honghe Dining

The biggest characteristic of the diet in Honghe Prefecture is that most of them are natural and pollution-free green food. There are a wide range of vegetables and even many wild vegetables with medicinal value. In addition to livestock without additives, there are non-beneficial insects such as locusts and hornets. The specialties in Honghe prefecture include the noted Hani cuisine, Roasted Pork with Bamboo(竹筒烧肉), and authentic Mengzi bridge rice noodles. Moreover, Tofu in Honghe is also distinctive, it can be prepared in many different ways. 

What to Eat in Honghe Prefecture

1. Steam Pot Chicken(汽锅鸡)

Steam pot chicken is one of specialties with more than 200 years history in south Yunnan. Jianshui produces a picturesque clay pottery steamer named steam pot, which is designed for steaming food.

2. Jianshui Roasted Tofu(建水烧豆腐)

Jianshui Roasted Tofu, also named Linan Tofu, is the traditional delicacy in Jianshui County. After the program A Bite of China, a large documentary film in China, Jianshui Roasted Tofu has been renown all over China.

3. Mengzi Cross Bridge Noodle

Cross Bridge Noodle is a specialty in south Yunnan with more than 300 years history. Originated from Mengzi City, Cross Bridge Noodle is the most distinctive local food in Honghe Prefecture. 

4. Shiping Tofu(石屏豆腐)

Shiping, a mysterious and beautiful place in southern of Yunnan Province, has been produced Tofu for more than 400 years. Shiping Tofu is roasted and sold generally.

6. Rich Fruits

Owing to abundant rainfall and adequate sunshine, Honghe is an ideal growing place for many fruits. Pomegranate in Mengzi City, banana and mango in Yuanyang County, pineapple, banana and litchi in Hekou County are fresh and cheap.

More specialties include Roasted Pork with Bamboo(竹筒烤肉), Jianshui Shizi(Lion) Cake, Kaiyuan Sweet Scallion, Mengzi Rice Cake, Jianshui Birdnest Crisp and so on.

Where to Eat in Honghe Prefecture

1. Linan Restaurant(临安饭店)

Address: No.48, Linan Road, Jianshui City(建水县临安路48号)

Tel: 0873-7652667

2. Garden of Yang Family(杨家花园)

Address: No.24, Hongjin Street, Linan Town, Jianshui County(建水县古城中心临安镇红井街24号)

Tel: 0873-7661777

3. Duoyishu Restaurant(多依树菜馆)

Address: Pugaolao Village, Duoyishu, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村多依树普高老寨)

Tel: 15126270958

4. Shengcun Xiao Li Photography Family(胜村小李摄影之家)

Address: Shengcun Road, Yuanyang County(元阳县胜村段)

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