Honghe Shopping

There are terrace culture, tin culture and pottery culture in Honghe. Yuanyang Hani terrace, Gejiu tin industry, Jianshui purple pottery and colorful ethnic minorities attract a large number of tourists to visit and shop. And as the fourth economy and popular tourist destination of Yunnan province, there are many shopping malls & streets and souvenirs in Honghe Prefecture. 

What to buy

1. Hani Embroidery

Yuanyang hani women are skillful with their hands. Their handmade dresses, cloth shoes are not only extremely exquisite, but also having collection value. If you are interested in these embroideries, go to the market and have a look. They are cheap and fine.

2. Jianshui Purple Pottery

Dated from the turning of Yuan and Ming dynasties, It is the traditional folk craft in Jianshui county. Jianshui pottery is made of five-color clay. There are a wide variety of potteries, such as cookers, sationery, tea sets and flowerpots, etc.

3. Mengzi Rice cake

Mengzi rice cake is one of the famous traditional specialties in Yunnan. Panfrying and roasting are the best ways to eat. Mengzi rice cake is sweet, people who don’t like sweets can taste it before buying.

4. Gejiu Tin Arts and Crafts

Gejiu tin arts and crafts use high purity tin, with the fetures of acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-poison, odourless, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Tin arts and crafts include wine set, tea set, lamps and lanterns, cosmetic box, flowers and plants, birds and animals, etc.

More shopping lists include Hani costume, various fruits like Pomegranates, navel orange, pineapple, banana, cherry, mandarin orange, litchi and various precious Chinese traditional medical materials like Coptis chinensis, swertia mileensis, Fructus Tsaoko, arenaceous kernel, eucommia, dioscorea, dew and so on.

Where to buy

1. Manjinwan Purple Pottery Street(曼金湾紫陶街)

Address: Close to Guangci Lake, Jianshui County(建水县广慈湖旁)

2. Li Shui Jin Wan Shopping center(丽水金湾购物中心)

Address: No.9, Zhongshan Road, Gejiu City(个旧市中山路9号)

Tel: 0873-2197219

3. Yuanyang Ethnic Trade City(元阳民族商贸城)

Address: Changqing Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang county(元阳县南沙镇常青路)

Tel: 0873-5781666

4. Jianshui Purple Pottery Street(建水紫陶街)

Address: No.1044, Yongzhen Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County(建水县临安镇永祯路1044号)

Tel: 18788255358

5. Jinfang Shopping Mall(金方购物广场)

Address: The West Crossroad of Tianma Road and Wenlan Road, Mnegzi City(蒙自市天马路与文澜路交叉口西)

Tel: 0873-3197638

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