Honghe Climate

Honghe Prefecture lies in subtropical plateau humid monsoon climate area with a low latitude. Types of climate are diverse because of the atmospheric circulation and complex terrain conditions. It features a unique plateau three-dimensional climate. In the Prefecture, the four seasons are not very clear, but the difference between dry and rainy season is notable. The rainfall in rainy season from May to October each year accounts for more than 80% of annual rainfall. The period of heavy rainfall intensity is from June to august and the rainfall varies from time and space.

According to statistics the last 10 years, the annual average temperature is 16.3℃ in the mountainous area with more than 2000 meters above the sea level. The extreme temperatures are -9.0 and 31.5℃. Average annual rainfall is about 2026.5 mm and generally annual maximum rainfall is 2508.1 mm. Jinping county watershed, old forest area(老林区), has maximum rainfall 3471.1 mm. The annual average temperatures are 17.2℃ and 23.4℃ respectively in intermountain basin and valley areas with below 2000 meters above sea level. The extreme temperatures are -2.0 and 40.7℃, annual average rainfall varies from 817.2 mm to 1688.7 mm. Rainy season has the characteristics of heavy rainfall intensity and long duration. Temperature varies greatly between day and night, but slightly during the whole year.

In order to avoid the summer and autumn when rain and heat are during same period, the best time to visit Honghe prefecture is March to May and September to November. When traveling, tourists are supposed to take at least two-season clothes because of  the large temperature difference between day and night.

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