Honghe Transportation

Transportation in Honghe prefecture is connvenient, there are national highway 326 running through the whole prefecture and national highway 323 running through the central part of the prefecture. There are highways such as Tongjian expressway(通建高速), Jishi expressway(鸡石高速), Pingsuo expressway(平锁高速), Shimeng high-grade highway(石蒙高等级公路) and Getun high-grade highway(个屯高等级公路). In the coming years, Shimeng expressway, Mengxin expressway and Xinhe expressway will be constructed. The railways are mainly narrow tracks like Kunhe railway(昆河铁路), Jige railway(鸡个线), Mengbao railway(蒙宝线) and Caoguan railway(草官线). In the future, standard guage railways like Yumeng railway(玉蒙铁路), Menghe railway(蒙河铁路), Shikai railway(师开铁路), etc, railways will be completed. Furthremore, two national level entry ports, Hekou Port and Jinshuihe Port, and other 7 ports are obtainable.

How to Get to & away Honghe Prefecture

At present, the main transportation means to get to and get away Honghe prefecture is long-distance bus. Surely, tourist can also take trains to Honghe prefecture. With the development of online ticketing service, tourist can book tickets online.

By Bus

There are long-distance buses leading to the important cities and counties in Honghe prefecture. The distances between important cities and counties are 258 kilometers from Kunming to Mengzi City, 260 kilometers from Kunming to Gejiu City, 193 Kilometers from Kunming to Jianshui County, 310 kilometers from Kunming to Yuanyang County, 180 kilometers from Kunming to Luxi, 398 kilometers from Kunming to Hekou County and 81 kilometers from Jianshui County to Yuanyang County. Here below are some main bus terminals in Honghe.

1. Mengzi Bus Terminal(蒙自汽车客运站)

Address: The crossroad of Tianma Road and Huimin Road, Mengzi City(天马路与惠民路交叉口)

Tel: 0873-3720825

2. Gejiu Xinguan Bus Terminal(个旧新冠汽车客运站)

Address: Xinguan Road, Gejiu City(个旧市新冠路)

Tel: 0873-2144313

3. Jianshui Bus Terminal(建水汽车客运站)

Address: Yinghui Road, Jianshui County(建水县迎晖路)

Tel: 0873-7653538

4. Yuanyang Nansha Bus Terminal(元阳南沙汽车客运站)

Address: No.121, Renmin Road, Nansha town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇人民路121)

Tel: 0873-5643485

5. Hekou Bus Terminal(河口汽车客运站)

Address: Hekou County, Honghe Prefecture(河口县红河州)

Tel: 0873-3425859

Tip: There are Bus Stations between cities and counties in Honghe, but not between villages. 

By Train

The followings are several railway stations in Honghe prefecture.

1. Mengzi North Railway Station(蒙自北火车站)

Address: Close to Iron and Steel Plant, Yuguopu Town, Mengzi City(蒙自市雨过铺镇红河钢铁厂旁边)

2. Jianshui Railway Station(建水站)

Address: Jinjizhai Village, Linan Town, Jianshui County(建水县临安镇金鸡寨村)

3. Kaiyuan Railway Station(开远火车站)

Address: No.20, Caiyun Road, Kaiyuan City(开远市彩云路20号)

4. Hekou North Railway Station(河口北站)

Address: Hekou County, Honghe Prefecture(河口县红河州)

Tip: The railway station from Kunming to Hekou is meter gauge railway. The whole journey probably needs 17 hours. It only takes 10 hours to finish the distance by long-distance bus. And the railway carriage is narrow, it is not comfortable to sit. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, you'd better take a bus or car.

By Air

There is no airport in Honghe prefecture yet, but Mengzi Airport, Mile Airport and Yuanyang Airport are under plan and construction. In coming years, Tourists may go to Honghe more conveniently by airplane.

How to Get Around Honghe Prefecture

The modern public transportation system, which consists of a number of bus lines and taxi services, makes the travel within a city easy and pleasant. Bus and taxi are available in Honghe. For those who want to travel by themselves, renting a car is the best way to travel in Honghe Prefecture, but renting a car locally is not easy, either. Except for Jianshui and Hekou where the tourist service facilities are relatively perfect, there is basically no car rental business in other place.