Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong

Why is Cheung Chau Island so Special?

Small it may be, but the island of Cheung Chau packs a powerful punch when it comes to attractions. Aside from its annual explosion of Bun Festival fun, Cheung Chau’s temples, seafood restaurants, beaches — and even a pirate’s hideout — make it an interesting getaway all year round.

Where is Cheung Chau Island?

Cheung Chau ( “Long Island”) is an island 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) southwest of Hong Kong Island. It is nicknamed the ‘dumbbell island (啞鈴島)’ due to its shape. It has been inhabited for longer than most other places in the territory of Hong Kong, and had a population of 22,740 as of 2011. Administratively, it is part of the Islands District.

History of Cheung Chau Island

Under the terms of the 1898 Second Convention of Peking, the New Territories and 200 smaller islands including Cheung Chau were leased to the United Kingdom for 99 years. At that time, Cheung Chau was mainly a fishing village; it had more residents living on junks than on land. Cheung Chau had already been settled by people from other places in Southern China; for example, Hoklo, they are mainly fishing people; Hakka people; Chiu Chau; and Yue Ca. The island slowly evolved into a commercial hub with merchants selling supplies to the local fishing people, boat repair and fishing gear as well as the place to do business for fishing people and small farmers of other nearby islands like Lantau Island.

Main Attractions in Cheung Chau Island

Festival in Cheung Chau Island

Want to take part in a glorious, joyful festival? Come on April 15th and 16th (dates are according to the Chinese calendar so double check each year), for the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. In ancient times, a devastating epidemic attacked the people of the island, who held the first Bun Festival in an attempt to clear their little homeland of disease. The epidemic suddenly disappeared and ever since the festival is held every year. It is a large-scale traditional festival attracting a large number of tourists because of the large parade and ongoing celebrations that fill all the streets and alleys.

Beitiao Pavilion

Perhaps the best scenic viewing spot in Cheung Chau Island is the Beitiao Pavilion. This pavilion is uniquely designed and allows visitors a complete island view. Tired of luxurious beach and cabaret life? Take a walk in the interior which is filled with lush, green foliage.

Cheung Po Tsai Cave

On the southwest tip of the island is Cheung Po Tsai Cave. Ancient legends say that it used to be the place where Cheung Po Tsai, a pirate with an ill reputation, hid the money he robbed. Many people, flashlights in hand, visit this cave every year. Perhaps one day, someone will discover Cheung Po Tsai’s treasure!

Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Wan Beach

Like most islands, recreation is easily found on these luscious beaches and along the baysides in Cheung Chau Island. Two very notable beaches are Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Wan Beach. Tung Wan Beach is the surfside bathing area and features lovely cabarets and wonderful tourist residences.

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How to Get to Cheung Chau Island

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Independent Traveler

Catch a ferry from Central Pier 5 (get out from MTR Hong Kong Station Exit E1 and walk through ifc mall).

  Mon. – Sat. Sun. & Holidays
Slow Ferry Fast Ferry Slow Ferry Fast Ferry
Ticket Price HK$13.6 / common; HK$21.3 / deluxe  HK$26.8 HK$20.2 / common; HK$31.0 / deluxe HK$38.8
Service Hours Central to Cheung Chau Island: 00:30 – 23:45
Cheung Chau Island to Central: 02:20 – 23:45
Central to Cheung Chau Island: 00:30 – 23:55
Cheung Chau Island to Central: 02:20 – 23:30

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  2. Food in Cheung Chau Island
    As part of famous Food City- Hong Kong, Chaung Chau Island also provides many kinds of local food. Ping’an Bun is the most famous one, which can be found in nearly all local restaurants. Fish ball is another snack that foodies can’t miss. The sea food, of course, is recommended! Here you can taste all kinds of sea food cooked in many ways. 

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